Hidden Gems – Digital Treasures, September 2016

Desperate to find something to watch on streaming TV in September? We’ve put together a selection of shows available now, from the brand new to the classic, that you might consider watching next.

These days we have access to so many amazing digital TV offerings, whether paid for like Netflix, Amazon Prime or NowTV; or free or advertising supported like BBC player, All 4 or the recently relaunched ITV Hub. With so much choice it can be hard to decide between all the offerings, there’s sadly no cross-platform search or recommendation engine. So, here at The Digital Fix we’ve decided to unearth some of hidden gems of the streaming TV world, for your viewing pleasure. Every month we’ll pick out the best, or most interesting, from what’s new, old or obscure.

BBC iPlayer

One Of Us

Currently still showing on the BBC, the first episode of this well-crafted crime thriller will be on iPlayer for another 21 days and is well worth checking out. Set in remote rural Scotland, the show follows the repercussions of a murder on a dark and stormy night, an obviously bad man gets murdered by an unknown member of one of two families. But bit by bit, everything we know is eroded, the situation becomes less clear and the mystery deepens. Well worth a watch!

Amazon Instant


Continuing on our crime spree, we move now from isolated Scotland to isolated Iceland. This nordic noir starts with beautifully evocative opening credits, and then spirals into mix between Agatha Christie and Fargo. This is the show Fortitude desperately tried to be, and fell so short of.


How To Get Away With Murder

There are so many legal dramas out there right now, it can feel like wading through molasses. HTGAWM though is special, a clever asynchronous narrative of murder, deception and the law, more crime thriller with legal elements than courtroom drama. This show is exciting, gripping and well worth getting hooked to.

Star Trek

A break from the crime and death and destruction now, did you know Netflix has pretty much all the Star Trek you could ever want? It also includes some of the movies, but its roster of TV shows is complete, from the original series to DS9, Next Gen, Voyager, Enterprise and even the animated series.

Stephan Burn

Updated: Sep 01, 2016

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