Hidden Gems - Digital Treasures, May 2017

These days we have access to so many amazing digital TV offerings, whether paid for like Netflix, Amazon Prime or NowTV; or free or advertising supported like BBC player, All 4 or ITV Hub. With so much choice it can be hard to decide between all the offerings, there's sadly no cross-platform search or recommendation engine. So, here at The Digital Fix we've decided to unearth some of hidden gems of the streaming TV world, for your viewing pleasure. Every month we'll pick out the best, or most interesting, from what's new, old or obscure.



Remember The League of Gentlemen? Well, you may or may not recall that, two of the troupe, Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, went on to create Psychoville, a tonally similar sitcom-cum-psychological horror. Both seasons of this BBC strangeness are available on Netflix.


Bordertown, known locally as Sorjonen, is a crime drama set in the town of Lappeenranta, close to the Finnish border with Russia. Yes, it's another Nordic Noir, with a flawed personality and a semi-functional family. And yet Finlands award-winning late entrant into the race is a good one, even if it's co-star Anu Sinisalo's arc that ends up being most compelling.

Amazon Instant

The Night Manager

A cast of Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston and Olivia Colman is enough of a reason to watch anything, even before any other details about this sumptuous John le Carré adaptation are known. Probably why it won three Golden Globes, two BAFTAs and, reputedly, a second season.

All 4


Before Paul Abbott went on to create the under-appreciated No Offence, there was Shameless, an off-beat cult classic, now successfully adapted to the US market. And, lucky you, Channel 4 has all 11 seasons of this comedy-drama for you to binge on.

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