Hidden Gems - Digital Treasures, January 2017

These days we have access to so many amazing digital TV offerings, whether paid for like Netflix, Amazon Prime or NowTV; or free or advertising supported like BBC player, All 4 or ITV Hub. With so much choice it can be hard to decide between all the offerings, there's sadly no cross-platform search or recommendation engine. So, here at The Digital Fix we've decided to unearth some of hidden gems of the streaming TV world, for your viewing pleasure. Every month we'll pick out the best, or most interesting, from what's new, old or obscure.



Blindspot is a crime procedural, about a tattooed woman, Thor's Jaimie Alexander, who has lost her memory and does not know her own identity. The FBI discovers that her tattoos contain clues to crimes they have to solve. The greater arc is the mystery of who put the tattoos on her body, and how they could possibly know about all these crimes. In some ways the series is reminiscent of The Blacklist.



Hardly a new TV show by any means! But with series 4 about to kick off, there's no better time to remind yourself of your favourite episodes!

The Crown

We'd seriously remiss not to point you at The Crown, Netflix's dramatised biopic of Queen Elizabeth II's early life, especially as it's had three Golden Globe nominations. Best Drama TV show, Best Supporting Actor for John Lithgow, and Best TV actress for Claire Foy for depicting Her Majesty.

All 4

Search Party

A black comedy mystery perhaps to round us off for January? Set in New York City, a group of four 20-somethings get entangled in the mystery of how one of their acquaintances went missing.

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