Hidden down the TV guide #1 - Better than Agents of SHIELD

Life is short. Like many of you we have recently decided it's too short to put up with Agents of SHIELD. So we promise you that we won't waste a second more of your time telling you how weak, hackneyed, irritating or bum numbingly dull it is. Nope, we won't try to get Agent Sky replaced, we won't cringe at inter-generational office romances or wince as the two English ones try and fail to be endearingly daffy. And, do you know why? It's because we're better than that, and you, well you deserve better too.imageSo we'll tirelessly lead the search from our leather couches, armed only with a catering size pack of twix and old peculiar piped directly from the brewery. We'll tell you about better, about the hidden treasures that your TV is secreting about it's self awaiting you frisking it up and down like a soon to be dismissed customs officer with a Hitler moustache. There may only be 1440 minutes in a day, but TV can find a replacement for those 40 minutes you waste on Agents dead and stroppy, it can offer much better.

Now this may seem child's play to those of you with satellite dishes offering all the delights of first run telly gold from around our great planet. Anyone can tell you that catching the likes of Matthew McConnaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective when it previews on Sky next month is a good idea, we could even repeat our advice on Mob City also showing in those parts at the moment. UK TV Premieres are the whole raison d'etre of satellite TV, and all those new shows will clearly be more fun than a show whose most interesting character is a car called Lola.imageNope, the real difficulty comes with limiting yourself to terrestrial channels full of repeats and shows delayed by network indecision and satellite buying power. Here though, there is also much treasure. Want a spy show that actually works, want the sexiest spy on the globe and do you want it based in the American equivalent of Dixons? Heck, Chuck may have ended two years ago but it can still be found hovering around on the outbases of Channel five....

Do you want well acted, immense passions lost in the old west? Do you want great tragedy, frustrated love and historical accuracy? Do you want a great anti-hero and redeemed man? Then scuttle over to ITV 4 for the second season of Hell on Wheels which is truly intense and very nearly killed off the show. Christopher Heyerdahl, Anson Mount and Colm Meaney act their socks off in the best western TV series since some time.imageAnd there's more from Five's coterie of channels...the dependable and entertaining Longmire which has just started running from it's very beginning. With the outstanding Katee Sackhoff, the getting better with age Lou Diamond Phillips and the heroic underplaying of Robert Taylor, Longmire is sort of a less graphic, slower and much less mad version of Banshee with Amish, Native Americans and good ol' boys.

Moving over to Dave, Suits has just begun its third season and not only do you get Lady Stark, you get Vares from Game of Thrones, along with Max Beesley playing charming but nasty. The boys are back and there's plenty of Louis Litt craziness as he faces off against his English counterpart in a battle over territory and cats, and there's gorgeous women and gorgeous men in, well, suits.imageAnd even if you don't do old shows, there's the reliable BBC with new stuff for you to watch instead of Marvel's offcuts. The dwindling BBC 4 budget has been raided to fund Danny Baker's Rockin' Decades, a clips and interview show where DB and guests remember a decade in music. On the main channels, there's the return of Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton with Inside No 9 which promises more horror comedy but with big name actors, and the second season of Line of Duty with Keeley Hawes under investigation....

So you see there's no need to put up with bad boring civil servants with excellent hair. You won't have to watch 10 hours of dreck to see someone who may know a superhero because your TV loves you, it wants to save you...go on hug it now..

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