Greatest TV Seasons: Digimon Season One (1999)

Greatest TV Seasons: Digimon Season One (1999)

What is the greatest season of your favourite TV series? And what makes it stand out from those seasons around it? Every fan will have their own opinion of what is great and what isn't and here at The Digital Fix, our team of writers are going to complete the possibly impossible task of selecting what season of their favourite shows makes the cut above all others.

Next up, is the popular 1999 Japanese anime television series Digimon,  created by Akiyoshi Hongo. Digimon sees a group of kids - otherwise known as the chosen 'DigiDestined' - enter the Digital world to save both their world as well as the human world, each supported by their own Digimon partner. Historically, Digimon has had to endure many comparisons to Pokemon and to the untrained eye perhaps they do hold some similarities and with both being released relatively close together - there was almost an unofficial rivalry between them. The fact is, however, that each deserves to be appreciated in their own right. Digimon offers a fantastic and progressive story and so it was a privilege to embark upon finding Digimon's greatest season; episodes and its finest moments.

Digimon is still going strong today but not as it always has done - at present it is thriving more in the video game format, with its turn-based combat style adventures in the 'Cyber Sleuth' series and mobile RPG 'Digimon ReArise'. But back when the millennium was coming to a close in 1999 - anime fans were treated to a new television series and it was awesome! It offered story, emotion, action, comedy and some important life lessons - each character of the Digidestined group had a crest; a personality trait they represented such as; Courage, Love, Friendship, Sincerity, Hope, Reliability and Knowledge - it set a great example to its target audience.

Digimon was a success in its own right and this led to a second series in 2000 - Digimon Adventure 02, which carried on the story and featured a handful of the original characters. The best addition with this season was the 'Digiegg' which meant their partner Digimon had options for their digivolution - depending on what they needed - obviously seeing more types of Digimon was a sure-fire way to impress viewers. Digimon went onto to host a number of spin off-shows; Tamers (2001); Frontier (2002); Data squad (2006); Fusion (2010); App Monsters (2016) and of course the series sequel 'Digimon Adventure Tri' in 2015 - none of the aforementioned had quite the same impact as its first two series. For the sheer originality; gripping story and characters it had to offer, season one has to be the greatest season of Digimon.

That first season has to be praised for selection of characters we got to see - each representing the aforementioned crests, but also very relatable to a wider audience. I'm sure at that age everyone knew a Tai or an Izzy, but it shows that a diverse background or personality can still unite them and create a friendship - this show wasn't just action-packed entertainment. These subtle yet pivotal messages peaked in season one and seemed to fade as Digimon has aged.

Season One's Five Greatest Episodes 

1.13 Legend of the Digidestined

This episode was the first to carry any real emotional impact as we see a conclusion to the first story arc villain - Devimon. With the whole gang being led to Infinity Mountain by the now 'Black gear-free' Leomon, it felt like the first boss battle had come about of a video game and we were right there with them. The young T.K and his partner Patamon are called into action when their friends are unsuccessful - revealing Patamon's evolution at long last - Angemon! Using the power from their friends, he conjures one almighty 'hand of fate' which beams through and destroys the mighty villain.

1.37 Wizardmon's Gift

Wizardmon's Gift was a story of love and sacrifice - a very gripping episode that tied in and set up perfectly the subsequent Prophecy. It was during the chaotic battle against Myotismon, who takes aim - blasting at Kari and her partner Gatomon that leads to a sacrifice.  Having done his duty in getting the crest to Kari, he fulfils one final duty in jumping in the way to protect the pair - sacrificing himself so that they may go on to save the Digital world from its enemies. The sacrifice was not in vain however, as Gatomon rises, digivolving into the mighty Angewomon. She then pierces a celestial arrow through the heart of Myotismon.

1.38 Prophecy

Prophecy gave us one of the most epic moments of the series when we got to see our two favourite angels; Angemon and Angewomon, fulfil the prophecy to helpbeat the ginormous Venomyotismon. Using their powers, they shot the arrows into Tai and Matt that allowed their partners to digivolve into mega evolutions 'Wargreymon' and 'Metalgarurumon' for the first time.

1.52 Piedmon's Last Jest

This episode gave us the best battle of the season - perhaps because of the build up with the other grand masters and the caliber in which we were seeing the Digimon at this point. Piedmon was cunning and voiced brilliantly in the portrayal of the hell clown. It was a rollercoaster battle as we saw Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon gain an upper hand until the clown turned everyone into keychains. A valiant effort from T.K's MagnaAngemon revived the battle in their favour and the army of Digimon that arrived to support the Digidestined ended in an epic finale as Wargreymon and Garurumon sent Piedmon to his doom in MagnaAngemon's Gate of Destiny.

1.54 The Fate of Two Worlds

Following directly on from the penultimate episode Now Apocalymon the DigiDestined had returned from their deleted state to take on the grand villain in one final battle. Wargreymon; Metalgarurumon and the other ultimates took on and beat the villain - not before he self-destructs in a last-ditch attempt to destroy both worlds. In a spectacular moment, the Digivice all light up to create a field around the blast to contain it. It was literally an 'out of this world' conclusion to the season and an incredibly satisfying end to the journey.

Season One's Greatest Moments

  • The first Digivolution, when all the baby Digimon digivolve to their Rookie forms to protect the DigiDestined from the attacking Kuwagamon. (And so it Begins)
  • Kari revealed as the eighth DigiDestined (The Eight Child Revealed)
  • T.K and Patamon discover Primary village where all Digimon are born (DigiBaby Boom)
  • Greymon turns evil and Digivolves into SkullGreymon (The Arrival of SkullGreymon)
  • With the help of Zudomon, SaberLeomon defeats MetalEtemon and makes peace with Ogremon before dying from his fatal battle wounds. (Ogremon's Honour)
  • Wargreymon Vs Machinedramon - In the blink of an eye, Wargreymon slices through the arrogant grand master (The Crest of Light)

  • Metalgarurumon defeats one of the Grand Master's Puppetmon in an epic battle (Ogremon's Honour)
  • The monumental size of MetalGreymon (The Earthquake of MetalGreymon)
  • Angewomon Vs LadyDevimon (Joe's Battle)

What is your favourite season of Digimon? And what episodes and moments make it to your list? Let us know in the comments below.

Digimon Adventure (1999–2000)
Dir: N/A | Cast: Chika Sakamoto, Hiroaki Hirata, Toshiko Fujita, Yûko Mizutani | Writer: Akiyoshi Hongo


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