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For Intentional Women's Day 2021. we revisit some of our Greatest TV Characters features, looking at TV's best female characters. Becky Kukla looks at Greys Anatomy icon Callie Torres, played by Sara Ramirez for eleven seasons on the medical drama...

Please note, this article was originally written in 2018...

The Character 

Callie is first introduced in season two of Grey's anatomy as a love interest for George O'Malley. However, over the next few seasons she grows as a character and becomes a much bigger part of the show and an incredibly talented orthopaedic surgeon, starting as a senior resident before graduating to attending.

After her divorce from George, Callie begins to have feelings for Erica Hahn, another surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital. This is how Callie discovers the she is bisexual. She is a funny and sometimes inappropriate person who cares for those around her and really loves her job and her family.

Her Journey

After discovering that she is bisexual, Callie's next two romantic relationships are with women. The first being Hahn, who leaves the hospital in season five, and the second being Arizona Robbins, who Callie eventually marries and then divorces later in the show.

Callie also has a close friendship with Mark Sloan from season three until his death in season nine. Their relationship is also sometimes sexual, leading to Callie becoming pregnant and having baby Sofia. After Mark's death Callie and Arizona raise Sofia, before they hit a few rough patches and get divorced.

She leaves at the end of the twelfth season with new love interest Penny. Arizona recent departure at the end of the fourteenth hinted at a reconciliation with Callie following her off-screen break up with Penny.

Why she is such a great character

Callie is great for a lot of reasons. Part of it is that she is an orthopaedic surgeon, and she loves it. She loves breaking, fixing and even sometimes creating bones. She is also amazingly smart; throughout the series she completes ground breaking research, such as creating cartilage from nothing. Callie is also very caring and supportive of her friends, especially Mark, who she helps to realise that he is worth more than just sex.

Callie's bisexuality isn't shied away from like bisexuality so often is in TV shows. The word bisexual is explicitly used multiple times, rather than just alluded to. As well as this, once she has divorced Arizona, Callie dates both men and women once she starts dating again. This makes her not only a great character, but also an important character, as there is so little explicitly bisexual representation on television even now.

This being said she isn't perfect; she make mistakes and gets angry and stressed. But that's another reason why she is so great; she is fleshed out and, at least somewhat, believable as a character.

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