Game of Thrones: A Storm of Spoilers II - Five MORE book/TV differences!

A few weeks ago, we had a piece on Game of Thrones deceptively entitled A Storm Of Spoilers, in which we looked at the changes the TV show has made to the book's storyline so far in season three, but inlcuded no actual spoilers for the series. Well, six weeks further on, we're faced with a week's break between Thrones episodes, so this seems a good time to slot in the sequel!

What other changes have been made? Obviously, we're aiming not to double-list any of the items from last time - go read that if you want to see what they were - and although we will not be spoiling you for any future events from the novels, there will be references to events all the way up to the latest episode eight in the TV show.

All good? Okay!


Loras Tyrell - All-Purpose Husband?

Before she was sadstically married off to Tyrion, Sansa Stark was briefly engaged to curly-haired knight chap Ser Loras Tyrell -bleakly amusing because she thought she'd finally found the chivalrous, devoted husband of her dreams, but he was secretly gay.

But in the novels, the Tyrells set Sansa up with yet another member of their massive family - Willas Tyrell, who never even turned up in person. He's an older, apparently kindhearted chap who unfortunately lost the use of one leg in a riding accident. Evidently the TV producers, trying to keep the character count down, decided to use the existing Loras character instead.

And, of course, Cersei gets engaged to Loras after the Sansa plans fall through on TV. Sure enough, Lord Tywin tries to set Cersei up with Willas in the books too. Poor Willas, doomed never to get any. Or exist.

Gendry - All-Purpose Bastard?

Brave, smith-workin' royal bastard Gendry has a whole leg of storyline to himself in the latest Game of Thrones, when Red Woman Melisandre drags him off to Stannis's grim island of Dragonstone to take part in a nasty-looking ritual requiring his magical King-blood. Book readers would've found all this a bit bemusing, as although that stuff was in the novel A Storm of Swords, it didn't happen to Gendry.

Gendry volunteers to stay behind with the Brotherhood, as seen on TV, and the nasty blood ritual on Dragonstone is carried out using Edric Storm, yet another handy bastard son of dead King Robert. That guy really spread it around, eh?

Obviously, much like the previous entry for Loras, this is the producers using an existing suitable character rather than introducing yet another new one. Alas, poor Willas and Edric, doomed by redundancy.

Second Sons, Now Incorporating Stormcrows

Over in Daenerys' branch of the TV storyline, she's just recruited a mercenary company called the Second Sons to her side, thanks to a senior Son called Daario killing the other two captains so he could join her. One of those captains was a chap called Mero (aka "the Titan's Bastard"), and although he was the leader of the Second Sons in the novels, and he did die, leaving the remainder of his group to join Daenerys, it wasn't in quite the same way.

There was this other group of sellswords called the Stormcrows, see, and that was the one Daario brought over to Daenerys' side via mutiny. The Titan's Bastard died in an unrelated incident. So they've smooshed the two groups together into one mercenary mass. Yet again, presumably to keep the number of factions and characters down to a sane number.


Your Dad's Already Dead, Catelyn. Bummer.

In the novels, Catelyn Stark arrived at Riverrun in time to not just exchange banter with her brothers, but also speak to her Dad on his deathbed. On the tellybox, he was in a boat and ready to be riddled with flaming arrows by the time they got there.

I can see why they cut this, again - they had a lot to get through, and the action at the Tully homestead has got slightly short shrift even without fitting slow old man dialogue into it - but there were some cool moments in those chats, so this omission I do genuinely think is a bit of a shame.

Talisa Pregnant, Also Existing In First Place

In the book series, Robb Stark barely appears in the second one, then shows up at the start of the third with his new wife. Generously, the series decided to dramatise his romance so the actor could remain employed, and also marry him off to a different character: Lady Talisa, rather than the untelevised Jeyne Westerling.

But that's an out of date observation from way back in 2012 - more currently, Lady Talisa has announced that she's pregnant, which didn't happen in the third novel either. So this child who didn't exist in the books, born to a character who didn't either, has achieved a super-advanced level of fictionality squared. In the season finale, this level of real-yet-not-real-yet-real will cause Westeros to implode.

Not really. Anyway, that's my five for this time, let's all go home and wait for the final two episodes, always asking ourselves the big question: Will there be enough deviations from source in the remainder to fill another Storm Of Spoilers feature?

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