10 TV spin-offs we would love to see

10 TV spin-offs we would love to see

TV spin-offs are a funny thing. For every Angel or Frasier there's a Class or Joey. Beloved characters from your favourite show either shine in the limelight of their own show or are better left in the ensemble from where they came from.

There are plenty of TV spin-offs we would love to see; characters and storylines that sparked with the audience and left them clamouring for more. Whether its the continuation of their story once the show is gone, the chance to explore a character's past or just expand on the premise only touched upon in their own show, a spin-off can be far more than an attempt to capitalise on the money and acclaim generated by its parent show.

I've attempted to pick out the potential spin-offs we would all love to see. From social media clamouring for more to premises perfectly set up in the show they came from and never fully explored, here are just a few TV spin-offs that would strike a chord with audiences. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and of course, please share your own suggestions...

Star Trek: The Adventures of Captain Pike's Enterprise

Season two of Star Trek: Discovery was something of a marmite season. For many, it was a vast improvement on the Klingon-war arc of season one, trying to make closer ties with the rest of the franchise, while expanding the show's storyline. For others, the attempts to expand on Spock's story and prove the show was part of the Prime Timeline left them feeling frustrated. But there was one character that absolutely everyone loved.

Anson Mount brought with him charm, charisma and courage as Kirk's predecessor Captain Christopher Pike stepped off the USS Enterprise to captain the Discovery through its latest crisis. For many, he was one of the best Starfleet captains ever portrayed on screen and that's with some stiff competition. While her appearances were fleeting, Rebecca Romjin also gave life to a one-episode character, making the Enterprise's first officer Number One a bold, fierce and humoured character in her own right. Ethan Peck's Spock took a bit more getting used to, but once he was back on the beautifully- recreated bridge of the Enterprise in season two's closing episode, alongside Pike and Number One, we really felt the magic.

We're already getting three Pike / Spock / Number One Short Trips but how about a spin-off of the USS Enterprise under Pike's command? Fans have been clamouring for a Pike-Enterprise series and while a multi-season show might not be possible, even a one-off event series, showing the ship before Kirk's time would certainly satisfy Trekkies everywhere.

A Tyler Hoechlin Superman series

Like Captain Pike, we wouldn't necessary expect a full multi-seasons show. But Tyler Hoechlin's Clark Kent / Superman has been one of the most perfect castings since his debut in Supergirl season two. With the recent Arrowverse versions of Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) and Lex Luthor (John Cryer) in the latest season of Supergirl going down well, the stage is set for a limited run of adventures that shows the Man of Steel in action.

Superman was long established by the time Supergirl began and a spin-off could be set as a prequel to that show. There would be no need to tell an origin story; just show Clark Kent and Lois Lane on cases (with a younger Jimmy Olsen in tow), Superman going up against the machinations of Lex Luthor and introduce more classic Superman villains to the fore.

The fate of Hoechlin's Superman may be sealed in the upcoming crossover event Crisis of Infinite Earths, a comic storyline that saw the deaths of several big characters, but dead or not, there would be plenty of stories to tell in the time before Supergirl took up her cape and saved National City.

Arya Stark - West of Westeros

We know this one is never going to happen (despite Maisie Williams hinting at SDCC that she would be interested), but if there was any perfect set up for a spin-off at the end of Game of Thrones season eight, it was Arya's journey into the unexplored west.

Seeing the fierce younger Stark sailing off into the unknown opens up a world of possibilities, offering a new look at the vibrant world created in George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels and the subsequent Game of Throne series. The set up at the end of the show's final episode was perfect.

Of course, there are many other Game of Thrones series already in development, so another addition to the HBO roster might be one two many. But even a few years down the line, they'll be no one complaining about getting further adventures of Arya Stark, saviour of the world and all round badass.


With The Good Place coming to an end next season, there's one obvious contender to continue the story. D'Arcy Carden has already proven herself to be a versatile actress - just look at the season three episode where she played versions of the main cast - not to mention delighting audiences as 'bad Janet' too.

Exploring the administrative world of the afterlife; the bureaucracy and rivalry between Heaven and Hell in a The Office-style setting would offer plenty of laughs and delve deeper into the behind the scenes activity only glimpsed by the core duo of The Good Place.

Carden's Janet would be a great vehicle for that; acting as good and bad versions of herself while hopefully gaining some character growth. She's proven she has the acting chops to take the lead. Who wouldn't want to see that?

Raymond Holt: The Early Years

Prequels are a funny thing; they have to offer something new to the characters we already know and work outside of the main show's setting. Young Sheldon has certainly had a measure of success but one character that could absolutely be served by a prequel setting would be Raymond Holt of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

We've already had some glimpses into his time as a detective during the show but the potential to explore his early career is huge. A black, gay man rising through the ranks, facing bigotry at every turn and rising above it. Raymond finding love with Kevin. What happened to create some of his greatest enemies, like Madeline Wuntch?

A Raymond Holt prequel could be a wonderful tool for exploring a number of social issues and be incredibly funny too. The toughest job will be finding someone to convey the deadpan humour of Andre Braugher - assuming he doesn't return to the role of course.

The West Wing: The Next Democratic Administration

The idea of a continuation of Aaron Sorkin's political drama The West Wing has been something fans have been wanting for years and this year there was a lot of interest generated by the original cast in returning to their roles. Sorkin himself has even teased an idea for a sequel series; a new Democratic President (played by his choice of Sterling K Brown) calling in former President Bartlett to assist with a crisis.

The West Wing served as a idealistic fictional counterpart to the troubles of the Bush era. While The Good Fight currently flies the flag against the many issues with the Trump administration, a The West Wing spin-off would surely be a welcome addition to the mix.

Who wouldn't want to see Jed and Abby Bartlett, CJ Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Josh Lyman, Donna Moss, Sam Seaborn and Charlie Young in action once more? Failing that, how about a continuation of Sorkin's underrated series The Newsroom? With its focus on real-life news items, there's plenty of interesting material for that show to get its teeth into once more...

Doctor Who: The Paternoster Gang

Technically Big Finish have now got there with a series of new audio adventures featuring Jenny, Vastra and Strax. But who wouldn't want to see more TV adventures with the Victorian-era sleuths? Series seven's The Crimson Horror was a perfect template for what the series could be, mixing comedy, crime and horror into a gothic and vibrant series.

It seemed such an obvious contender for the next Doctor Who spin-off that it was somewhat of a surprise when Class came about instead (a show that also got picked up by Big Finish following its cancellation after one series).

The ship might have sailed for a TV spin-off (the gang was last seen in season eight opener Deep Breath) and with Doctor Who under new management, any spin-off now would like come from the current Chris Chibnall era. But with its mix of broad humour and horror, The Paternoster Gang would surely fill the void  between series...

Stargate: The Next Generation

With Star Trek getting a huge resurgence on television, Stargate is another franchise ripe for a potential return. Based on the 1994 movie, Stargate SG-1, which ran for ten seasons and two TV movies, has already spanned two spin-offs Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe, the latter of which bought an end to the TV run after just two seasons. There was an attempt to spark interest in Stargate a couple of years ago with web prequel series Stargate Origins, but this lacklustre offer went largely unnoticed by all but the most hardened fans.

What would Stargate command look like now? Where would the heroes of SG1 and its spin-offs be long after the defeat of he Gouald and the Ori? Is Atlantis still on Earth? Did the crew of The Destiny return home? Who commands the Stargate program and what of the other nations of Earth - do they travel the galaxy too?

A spin-off series could serve as Stargate SG1: The Next Generation, following the continuing adventures to other worlds. Or it could be an entirely new premise set around the rich and varied universe created across the three shows and film. With the chance to see older (and maybe wiser) characters and explore the galaxy changed by the events we saw on screen, it would surely be a success in this age of TV reboots and revivals...

Solo: The Continuing Adventures

Taking a slightly different route with this one. Star Wars stand alone film Solo was perhaps a little unnecessary and didn't reel in the profits like its contemporaries (perhaps in no small part to the release date). But it was a lot of fun and left the room open for further adventures with a number of big story threads left dangling by the time the credits rolled.

The chance of a sequel film is looking increasingly unlikely, but a TV-spin off  / sequel series could be the perfect place to show what happened with Solo and Chewie, what Q'ira did next and give more well-deserved screen time to a certain Sith who turned up in the film's climax.

While a multiple-season order would be unlikely, a Disney+ limited run would be the perfect home for a Solo TV spin-off. Disney have already managed to bring in some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest stars for limited run series. It would be a no-brainer to add the cast of the film for another run of adventures in a galaxy, far, far away...


No list of TV spin-offs would be complete without an updated mention of Ripper - the planned Rupert Giles spin-off of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Planned as a British-based spin off focusing on Anthony Stewart Head's former Watcher after he left Sunnydale, this had fans excited to see Giles solving mysteries and fighting ghosts, perhaps with a Buffy character cameo or two?

The supposed joint venture with the BBC fell apart before it ever began, but Head has continued to voice his enthusiasm for a Ripper series. He might be older, but he will certainly be wiser and the chance for Joss Whedon to deliver some truly magical gothic horror stories (something he's delving into now with new HBO series The Nevers) would thrill Buffy fans worldwide.

In this age of revivals and reboots, a Ripper series is not quite the big impossibility it might have once been. The biggest stumbling block is the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer reboot. But if, as rumoured, it turns out to be set in the same universe as Whedon's original series, focusing on a new Slayer, then maybe there's room for more Rupert Giles after all...

What do you think of these choices? Are there other TV spin-offs you would like to see? Let us know in the comments below...

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