With two pairs of Warehouse agents on missions to locate artifacts, there’s double the trouble.

The team’s all back together now Myka’s back to Warehouse work, but the Regents still have her under probation, to make sure she’s ready to return to full duties, and this episode serves as her probationary period. Again, I was glad the show made a decision not to drag out Myka’s return – the team really is better with everyone in it. And one big advantage to having Jinks on the team is that we get to see two sets of agents out in the field, pursuing quite different cases.

Myka and Pete head to investigate a series of people who seem to be forgetting key skills (like pilots forgetting how to fly a plane). They discover that whatever’s happening is not just about losing memory, but that people are being forced to regress, agewise, and that everyone affected seems to be witnesses to a murder in a local café – that is, until Pete gets affected too.

Meanwhile, Claudia and Jinks head on a mission to bid on Typhoid Mary’s knife in an auction. In her first job as lead agent in the field though, all does not go according to plan for Claudia – the artifact’s been stolen and they need to locate it, as it has the power to transfer illnesses.

The episode isn’t just about the artefact retrieval though. Claudia gets upset when she discovers Artie is keeping a close eye on her, expelling all her pride in being out in the field without him. We learn that Jinks is gay in an organic manner, though he is still tentative about sharing information about himself. And Myka pushes Pete to make sure he’s not angry with her for when she left the team – he says he isn’t and they have nothing to discuss, but as he regresses into ‘young Pete’, she learns he has a deep anxiety about people leaving him, and makes a heartfelt apology when he’s restored to adulthood.

Both cases are, of course, resolved satisfactorily. Myka not only solves who’s been regressing people, but also how to restore their minds – while solving the murder at the same time. Claudia and Jinks chase down Typhoid Mary’s knife and discover it’s actually been taken to use for good for once. It’s a nice, solid episode ending with Myka’s probation being brought to an end by the Regents.

The team is back, bigger, and stronger than ever.

Warehouse 13 is shown on Syfy UK on Thursdays at 9pm.

Rebecca Brodeur

Updated: Aug 23, 2011

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