The Orville: 2.13 Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Kelly faces her past in Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow.

What would you say if you could go back and meet your earlier self? That was the challenge Kelly faced when the time travel device Isaac and Lieutenant Commander John LaMarr accidentally pulled a version of her from seven years earlier into the present.

Over the course of the episode, the relationship between Kelly and Ed – both past and present – was explored in new and interesting ways. Adrianne Palicki got to play a new side to the commander, a younger more care-free version of herself, who was ambitious but also wanted to have fun. If anything, this version was so less mature than the Commander we know that seven years didn’t feel long enough, but the hook here was that this younger Lieutenant had just experienced her first date with Ed and had love, marriage, divorce and a renewed friendship still to come.

Ed’s motivations here were certainly muddled; hooking up with the younger Kelly certainly came across as desperate and even a little insensitive, but he has openly expressed his desire to get back together with Kelly. Shunning his advances, using the (mostly understandable) conflict that would arise between a captain and first officer, he found himself encountering a version of Kelly that was genuinely interested in reciprocating those feelings. Of course, he is older too and that certainly showed in the scene at the night club as she danced the night away while he was more content to sit on the sofa and enjoy his drink.

Oh and Bortus and Klyden boogying away on the dance floor was amazing.

I liked how the episode didn’t play all its cards; was this the Kelly from seven years ago or a version from an alternate reality? Could she return or would she join the crew as an awkward twin of sorts to the commander? And even as the credits rolled, we still weren’t 100% sure. It ended with Kelly having her mind wiped and travelling back to the past, but her decision not to take up a relationship with Ed after their first day raised a whole bucket load of questions. What the impact of that decision will have on the present day Orville is perhaps the most in intriguing hook for next week’s season finale.

There were some other great moments to, such as the continued presence of the Kaylon threat. We saw the fallout of the attack in the subsequent peace talks with the Krill and conflict with the Mochlans but this episode showed that they are still out there and as dangerous as ever. The sequence as they hid in the rings of the planet, masking the ship as a frozen asteroid while the Kaylon probes hovered nearby was rather tense. And how great was it that the emergency in the middle of the night meant that the crew quickly assembled on the bridge in their pyjamas rather than taking the time to uniform-up? You would never have seen that on Picard’s bridge.

Tomorrow, And Tomorrow, And Tomorrow was a solid character piece for Adrianne Palicki’s Kelly and an innovative way to explore the relationship between the commander and Ed. It didn’t quite have the impact of the previous few episodes but it sets up the finale with plenty of questions. I just hope next week’s not the last time we see the crew of The Orville.


Updated: Apr 26, 2019

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