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Get the Dairy Milk ready…

It’s chocolate week in the tent. I don’t think they’re going to be pouring melted Dairy Milk into a bowl of Rice Krispies to make cakes, either – it’s the semi final, so we’re going to be seeing some serious skills.

Chocolate is a lot harder to work with than you might think. Overheat it and it might split, looking like lumpy mud sitting in dirty water. Don’t temper it properly – the process of heating, cooling and reheating the chocolate in order to align the crystals within in – and you’ll end up with dull chocolate that melts easily rather than the shiny, smooth chocolate you can make edible giraffes and whatnot with. And of course there’s always the danger you’ll eat so much melted chocolate you end up in a sugar coma and won’t be able to finish the challenge.

So this week we’ve got a lot of chances for things to go wrong. But there’s also a chance of amazing new innovations, such as a few years ago when Lovely Scottish James whisked cold water with melted chocolate (usually a cardinal sin resulting in the aforementioned lumpy mud) in order to make a beautifully smooth mousse. If you know your science you can win here, so Tamal might be in with a chance.

Recommended eat-a-long snacks are simply bars of Green and Black’s, although I’ve gone for a nice pack of chocolate digestives and a cup of tea. Let’s go!

Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 30, 2015

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