The Great British Bake Off – 6×07 – LIVE BLOG!

It’s Victorian week in the tent. Try not to think of Sweeney Todd, ey?

Hello, and welcome to another of our The Great British Bake Off liveblogs!

Last week our hearts collectively broke as Alvin left the tent – although it was absolutely the right decision, and we’re sure Simon and Theodore will keep his spirits up. This week it’s Victorian week, which basically means we’re throwing a whole bunch of weird archaic bakes at people who haven’t been practising recipes and cooking conventions that are a hundred years old (the slackers) and seeing what happens.

We should get a nice history bit this week, at least, and Paul will probably feel quite at home as he turns the tent into a Cath Kidson sponsored version of a workhouse.

If you want to be authentic then recommended bake off snacks this week are one of Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies with a side order of cholera, although we’ll be sticking to pretzel M ‘n’ Ms.

On your marks, get set…let’s live blog!

Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 16, 2015

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