The Good Place: 4.11 Mondays, am I right?

A plan has been hatched, but implementing it is more difficult than it seems in the latest episode of The Good Place!

All sides have finally come to a consensus on the future of the after life, but the implementation of this plan proves more difficult than first expected. The main problem? None of the demons will listen to Michael. Which, considering everything that has happened over the last four seasons, isn’t at all surprising. This is eventually fixed by Vicki taking the reigns and persuading the demons to learn the new way of things.

What I did find a little weird about this episode was the singular focus on training the Bad Place architects. Good Place architects appear at the end of the episode when Vicki is starting mass orientation, but no mention of them is made before that. This could be because the writers wanted to keep the mystery of the Good Place alive just a little longer, but it still feels like something is being overlooked as the episode plays out. It could have been fixed with a throw away line about The Judge assigning someone start training the Good Place architects, but that doesn’t happen.

The best part about this episode is Eleanor and Chidi’s relationship. After experiencing so many road blocks to their romance, they are finally together and confident in their feelings. But a wrench is thrown in the works when Chidi reads a file containing the details of Eleanor’s entire life.

His reaction, whilst a little unexpected, served as a reminder why this couple is just so heartwarming and fun to watch. Instead of judging Eleanor for her past failings, Chidi is instead scared that he isn’t enough for her because they are so different. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the love between these two characters being given the chance to go beyond just the getting together stage; the care that they show for each other this episode really shows how they have developed from the two mismatched ‘soulmates’ that they were at the beginning of the series.

Surprisingly, it is Jason who snaps Chidi out of his funk and shows him that, even though Chidi and Eleanor are so different, that doesn’t mean they are doomed to fail as a couple. This was a welcome addition to the episode. Jason is the one of the main four humans who gets the least chance to demonstrate how he has grown.  Seeing him be the one to calm Chidi really displays how Jason has learnt to be a more caring person, as well as showing his ability to make an intelligent plan rather than just rush in.

The end of the episode sees the entirety of the main cast getting into a golden hot air balloon, after Michael assures them that it is actually going to The Good Place this time. But this leaves the big question; why there are three more episodes? It could just be that we are going to get to finally see more of The Good Place and how the gang settles in, but I highly doubt that. Whilst I am excited, I am also nervous that the final few twists and turns of the series are going to over complicate an ending that probably could have been left with them all floating off into the sky.


Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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