The Good Place: 4.07 Help is Other People

The experiment is nearly over, but will any of Eleanor’s last ditch attempts help?

This week’s episode begins just before the end of the experiment and everything this season has been building to. With only a few hours to go and a party to plan, Eleanor and the gang are getting ready for their final attempts at getting the group of new humans to be better people.

However, they don’t anticipate Simone’s full on conspiracy cork board. Covered in pictures and notes of the past year, the board represents disaster. Fortunately, Simone has no suspicions about Jason and Tahani, meaning they can go back and warn Eleanor of what has happened.

There seems to be a recurring theme of this season, and this show in general, to expect the unexpected. This season could wrapped up with a satisfying few episodes demonstrating ways to help your fellow man before ending in a success for the original gang. Then humanity is saved and the show can end on a high note; a cute, funny and happy ending would be fine by me. But, looking back at the first three seasons of The Good Place, I don’t know why I expected that. This show has an almost masterful grasp of plot twists, continually presenting the audience with the unexpected. And that is what we have gotten for the first half of this season.

Every single episode this season has been dramatic – and has obviously had something to say – but I’m not sure if any of them have really done much to move the plot forward, except for in time. The year of the Experiment has gone by in a flash with little time to focus on the needs and motivations of the new humans, apart from the explicitly onerous Brent. So, while I am still excited to see what happens next, that excitement far outweighs my excitement at the plot of the episode I am actually watching. Which often makes me feel like I am only watching because I want to see what happens at the end of the show, rather than because I am fulling invested in how we get there.

Whilst each episode is, in and of itself, quite interesting, the overall feel of the season so far is a bit more fast paced than I would have liked. It is fun to have your expectations flipped on their head but, if it is done too often, the overall narrative can become a little all over the place.

Despite this, I am still excited to watch the rest of the season, but I am also weary of the fact that, now the experiment has ended, the rest of the season could be so convoluted. Will it still be as fun? Right now I am not entirely sure.


Updated: Nov 11, 2019

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