The Flash: 6.19 Success is Assured

The Flash ends its sixth season earlier than planned.

Season six as a whole has been one of the best, introducing new and exciting characters, both hero and villain. Splitting it in two helped keep momentum flowing and the story always kept audiences on their toes. The previous few episodes have had a rushed feel to them, understandably so, with the season losing three episodes, but it begs the question as to why it didn’t just freeze production until further notice, so the full intended story could be depicted, which built a lot of promise early on. I say this because Success is Assured felt a little anticlimactic.

This is not an attack on the episode, or to say it was bad; in fact it is the opposite, as the story was highly entertaining. The trouble was, it left so much to be addressed in season seven: Barry’s speed, Iris’ meltdown/escape/rescue and properly addressing Nash having other Wells’ inside his head, to name a few. Again I’m not saying this is a bad thing – continuing unfinished story arcs from past seasons – more that it generates a certainty of what we will see next season, leaving little room for the excitement of surprise.

Nevertheless, Eva as the Mirror Master, although having little screen time, was menacing and brought a new eerie tone whenever on screen, amplified by her new villain suit that, while a little confusing, looked the part perfectly. It was incredible how much chemistry Eva and Carver had, having only had a few scenes together all season. The final sequence not only showed just how determined Eva can be, but depicted possibly the most gruesome moment in the shows history, with Eva driving a mirror shard clean through the Flash’s shoulder in order to kill her  husband. Even without the blood and gore, it still managed to get a wincing motion of out me…*thumbs up*

The visual effects this season have been excellent and Success is Assured was no exception. The aforementioned Flash scene aside, the final battle between the Black Hole villains and remaining heroes looked spectacular (visually that is, the action was piss-poor). The comic panels added a nerdy feel that ordinarily wouldn’t work but, as these scenes lasted longer than usual it broke through the monotony, keeping the pace tight. We’ve already seen how good the effects can be when a duplicate gets shattered (Iris) and, while watching it happen to Singh didn’t have the same emotional impact, it still looked just as remarkable.

Success is Assured managed to fit a lot of story into a tight timeframe and did so while remaining coherent and sensible. While the Caitlin/Frost, illness/mummy issues had lingered for too long and could easily have been removed here, along with the Nash/Allegra drama, the remaining time was spent well. The continuing story between Ralph and Sue brought the hilarity and to practically confirm her return in the next season was superb, although I wonder what will happen, now that Hartley Sawyer has been fired from the show. Most surprising and testament to this finale was the unnoticeable exclusion of Cisco, honestly, it wasn’t until the end where I thought “where is he again?”

Perhaps the most annoying thing to occur was the lack of Candice Pattern’s Iris. Since the introduction of the mirror-verse her, albeit short, performances have been superb, much as they were here. However to have a season finale without her playing a more significant role was just strange and blatantly noticeable. To send the conclusion of her story to the following season with very little to go on was nothing short of frustrating. Not to mention that not once did Barry speak with Eva about getting Iris back, which considering his past determination, was out of character.

In all, Success is Assured, as the title suggests, is successful in providing an entertaining hour of television and ending the season on a cohesive note. However, it just didn’t feel as conclusive as I would’ve like it. Unfortunately this season has to end prematurely but should take comfort in the fact that it did a better job of entertaining throughout than the past two seasons have combined. No matter how you feel about this finale, it did a fantastic job of setting up season seven and an even better one at fleshing out and giving some less important characters their time in the spotlight. It’s unclear, given the Covid-19 outbreak, when season seven will air, but thankfully this one ends on a high.


Updated: Jun 11, 2020

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