The Flash: 6.05 Kiss Kiss Breach Breach

A murder mystery gives us a solid Cisco-centric episode.

I’m stepping in this week to cover the latest episode of The Flash for Steven, who’s been pretty complimentary about season six so far. With good reason too. Season five ranged from disappointing to plain dull, both things I would never have previously described the show. Fortunately season six has been a fresh of breath air, with a real sense of renewed energy in the build up to Crisis On Infinite Earths (something Arrow has benefited from too in its final season) and a fascinating villain in Ramsey, who is a million miles away from last season’s rather dire Cicada.

After last week’s chilling zombiefest, both plots took a little bit of a back seat with Ramsey making a brief but memorable appearance threatening Caitlin’s life while Barry and Iris zipped from one beach to another, enjoying a much deserved mini holiday. This did result in a bit of drop in the momentum of season six, but it did allow for some much needed development of Ramon Cisco.

Remember when he was the fun, qupping right hand man to Barry Allen? Somehow that got lost last season, but for what seemed the first time in ages, we got a decent Cisco-centric episode. While perhaps not as good as those that have preceded it this season, Kiss Kiss Breach Breach was still a pretty enjoyable 42 minutes of television, with Carlos Valdes clearly enjoying the material he had to work with. There was some genuinely fun stuff with his relationship with Kamilla. It wasn’t wholly original storytelling but Valdes and Linda Park have great, endearing chemistry on screen that is delightful to watch.

The key focus here was the tragic death of Cisco’s ex Gypsy. While it was sad not to have Jessica Camacho back on the show, the legacy of Cisco and Gypsy’ s multi dimensional love affair was still felt, while not managing to impact on his current relationship with Kamilla. Kiss Kiss Breach Breach turned into a good old fashioned murder mystery and Cisco saw to find his ex’s killer.

Enter the always wonderful Danny Trejo as Gypsy’ s father Breacher. The episode where he attempted to hunt Cisco down is still a favourite of mine; while his character was a little more subdued as a result of his daughter’s murder, Trejo still brought a crazy, somewhat unhinged performance to the episode.

Want didn’t work so well was the sudden after affects of Cisco removing his abilities. While there was some genuine concern that he might have murdered his ex, the sleep walking / hypnotic state needed to be more explored further, perhaps even by being set up in a previous episode. That being said, Valdes worked playing both good and evil versions of Cisco, even if again, this could have been played up more.

The attempt to show horn the mystery being new Well’s investigation into The Monitor gave us something of an odd sub plot where he was trapped with Joe, who preceded to pour his heart out o er the loss of his wife years ago. While I’m liking how the episode continued to explore how both Cisco and Joe are dealing with Barry’s impending demise, this ultimately didn’t go anywhere, other than tease Nash Well’s secret to saving Barry Allen. It’s fairly obvious that Crisis On Infinite Earths won’t be the last time we see Grant Gustin on The Flash, but I hope the macguffin to save him is ultimately satisfying.

Kiss Kiss Breach Breach was a solidly decent episode of The Flash, with Cisco finally getting a decent story line after the boredom of season five, even if Gypsy’s off screen death felt a little random. Danny Trejo made a fun guest appearance and the exploration of Barry’s potential demise continues to be explored well.


Updated: Nov 21, 2019

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