The Bold Type: 2.10 We’ll Always Have Paris

The women of The Bold Type go to Paris in this week’s season finale.

After nine episodes of the highs and lows of the ladies of The Bold Type, we have reached our finale. As the title suggests, this episode, for the second time this season, takes us out of New York and into a new setting. Unlike last week’s episode, which saw Sutton return to her home town, this week’s setting, Paris, is one that none of the girls are familiar with. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have certain expectations of what they will find when they get there.

Jane, Kat and Sutton, like many others, have a romanticised view of Paris. Fortunately, the Paris shown lives up to expectations. It is beautiful, full of cobbled streets, quaint cafes and exclusive boutiques. This just serves as a reminder that, while many difficult issues are tackled in The Bold Type, the lives its main cast lives are ones of privilege. And, as long as this is acknowledged, there is nothing wrong with that.

The Bold Type isn’t a gritty drama,; it is a show aimed at young women that hope to deal with women’s issues in a intersectional way, whilst also being fun to watch. This is a difficult balance to find, and it does mean that some of the darker issues fall by the wayside. But no one show can do everything, and The Bold Type does what it does really well.

At the start of the episode only Kat and Sutton set off for Paris, leaving Jane behind with the discovery that her insurance doesn’t cover her fertility treatments. This leads to offers of help from both Ben, in the form of a domestic partnership proposal, and Ryan, in the form of cash from his book advance. It also leads to Ryan kissing Jane in her apartment, despite her reminding him that she has a boyfriend. All of this leaves Jane feeling confused, and what does she do when confused? She calls Kat and Sutton.

This is one of my favourite things about The Bold Type. The fact that, at its centre, it is about how important platonic relationships can be. As, or even more, important than romantic ones. Each of the three main characters is independent and unique, with her own strengths and weaknesses. They all compliment each other and give each other the support that they need. It is lovely to see three young women living away from their families hold each other up. But, while they provide an ear whenever it is needed, each of Kat, Jane and Sutton make their own decisions. Honestly, having that kind of close-knit support system is something close to the dream.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Sutton is missing Richard. Fortunately, they get back together, publicly this time, by the end of the episode. Whilst I have never been a huge fan of this relationship, at least we can now move on from storylines about workplace power dynamics and the fact that women are often accused of sleeping their way to the top. These storylines crop up in lots of shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, where it has come up more than once in the show’s long run. So now it will be nice to move on to other storylines, ones that are more centred on Sutton and Richard’s life as a couple, rather then them trying to pretend they aren’t one.

My only fear is that these will also fall into tropey traps, such as ‘being at different stages because of the age difference’ or ‘him thinking his career is more important because he is more successful (whilst ignoring the fact that he has had more time to get to that point)’. I really hope that these can either be avoided, or given a new twist.

The ending to Kat’s Paris adventure isn’t as rosy as Sutton’s. After bumping int one of Adena’s friends and having lunch with her ex, Kat discovers that she is somewhat of an anti-muse for Adena. Adena’s art thrives on freedom and independence, which she had in the open relationship but has lost now that it has closed again.

It is kind of heart wrenching to watch. Just after Kat has had the chance to explore her sexuality and made the decision that Adena is the one for her, she finds out that that decision may be worse for their relationship. It wasn’t the way I was expecting this story to go that’s for sure. I am excited to see where it ends up, but I have to wait for season three for that.

Which brings me to the biggest problem I had with this finale. It just didn’t feel like a finale. There were a lot of stories left unfinished. I know that there need to be some cliffhangers in order to entice viewers to carry on watching, but did they really need three big ones? Who will Jane pick? What will Kat and Adena decide? Will Jacqueline lose her job? Then a fourth smaller one. How will people react to Sutton and Richards relationship once they are back in New York?

It just feels like very little was concluded this episode and a lot more new questions were asked than old ones were answered. This made for an overall anticlimactic ending to what has been an amazing season. The end of the episode, which saw Jane, Kat and Sutton walking into Scarlet’s Paris Fashion Week party, felt like it wasn’t an end at all and as if there should have been twenty more minutes after that. So, while I am still excited for season three, I was disappointed by the lack of pay-off this week. I guess I will just have to wait until next year to find out if it was worth it.


Updated: Aug 10, 2018

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