The 40th Floor

Kate Mulgrew guest-stars as one of the mysterious Warehouse Regents, as the team try to unravel what Sally Stukowski’s motives are and why she’s after Warehouse 13.

The meta-plot comes straight to the forefront this week as we discover Warehouse Regents have started to disappear under mysterious circumstances and the Warehouse 13 agents know they now need to track down Sally Stukowski. In the course of their investigations they come across an office building in Atlanta that’s been set up as a stronghold for the remaining Regents. Artie and Myka stay with the Regents, escorting them up to the roof to await rescue by helicopter, dodging a barrier of corrosive energy that’s trapping them in the building.

Mrs Fredericks decides to stay behind and interrogate Stukowski, using artifacts to try and torture information out of her – but she’s stopped by Steve Jinks, who can’t bear to watch anyone being tortured in such a manner. Jinks pulls a gun on Mrs Fredericks, she fires him and Stukowski makes her escape. The torture did bear some fruit though, Stukowski mentions that the source of the corrosive energy has to do with the Berlin Wall and, from that, Pete can track down the artifact to blame; a can of spray paint. Having sorted that out, he rushes to save his colleagues and the Regents by using the artifact to reverse the effects of the previous use.

Meanwhile, one of the Regents is crushed by falling debris while they’re running to make a break from the building. Myka then gets to watch a transfer of power between dying Regent and another Regent called Jane (guest star Kate Mulgrew). After the transfer Jane reveals she’s now protector of the Warehouse, wielder of the mystical shackle that shows her to be such. The group are reunited and though Myka attempts to introduce Pete to her new Regent friend, it appears no introductions are necessary – Jane is Pete’s mother!

Rebecca Brodeur

Updated: Oct 18, 2011

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