Star Wars: The Clone Wars- 7.06 Deal No Deal

In ‘Deal No Deal’, the sixth episode of the final season, the story follows the ongoing adventures of Ahsoka as she tries to find her way in life after walking away from the Jedi Order. After getting to know the Martez sisters on level 1313, Ahsoka decides to stick around a little while longer, which is good (or not, depending on your point of view), because Rafa has a big job lined up. one that involves Trace and her precious starship.

While the previous episode appeared to show Ahsoka adapting fairly quickly to life in the underworld of Coruscant, this episode makes it perfectly clear that Ahsoka isn’t really cut out for this type of life. She clearly wants the best for her new friend Trace, but the way she goes about trying to ‘help’ the younger Martez sister creates more problems than it does solutions. In the past this wasn’t so much of a problem because Ahsoka had Anakin and the Jedi Order to back her up when things went sideways. However, now she’s on her own and it’s not that surprising that the episode ends with Ahsoka and the sisters in a complete mess.

As crazy as it might sound, this episode actually makes a point for the idea that the Jedi are not ideally suited to be peacekeepers in the galaxy, not now at any rate. While all the points Ahsoka makes about spice running and the Pykes are true, they also prompt Trace to “do the right thing” which could now get them all killed, something that wouldn’t have happened if Ahsoka had not tried to influence the situation with her viewpoints of “right” and “wrong.” Ahsoka, like many Jedi, is completely out of touch with how the real world works, and her refusal to accept this gray area of life creates all the problems for the Martez sisters (though admittedly Trace’s actions do not help).

Another issue this episode raises is just how long can Ahsoka keep her Jedi past hidden? Questions about how Ahsoka knows so much were already being raised in the previous episode, and that got raised by a factor of 10 this time, with Rafa in particular seeming to be suspicious of how the Togruta knows so much about Pykes, Kessel, and crime syndicates in general. That and Trace seeming suspicious when the one Pyke succumbed to Ahsoka’s mind trick…it seems obvious that sooner or later the Martez sisters are going to learn who Ahsoka used to be, keeping in mind that they don’t like Jedi very much.

A touching moment that also needs to be mentioned comes early in the episode when Trace’s ship accidentally comes very close to Anakin’s Star Destroyer. The scene is clearly designed as a callback to the Shuttle Tydirium scene in Return of the Jedi and it was sweet to see the emotions flicker on Anakin’s face when he realizes his former apprentice is on the Silver Angel. It was also a nice way of reminding the audience that Anakin and the rest of the Clone Wars are still out there, even if we’re not seeing what they’re up to right now.

‘Deal No Deal’ is definitely one of the best Clone Wars episodes released so far. It focuses on how anyone can make a mistake, even an almost-fully trained Jedi like Ahsoka, and how those mistakes can have serious consequences. The ending of this episode definitely leaves you eager to find out what happens next, and it will definitely be interesting to see how Ahsoka and the Martez sisters get out of this mess.





Updated: Apr 03, 2020

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