Reverie: 1.02 Bond. Jane Bond

Our reviews of new sci-fi series Revere continue as Baz Greenland discusses the second episode ‘Bond. Jane Bond’

The first episode of Reverie set up the show’s premise well; users of the virtual reality world find themselves trapped inside their creation, unable to reconnect to reality and it is up to former police negotiator Mara Kint to enter their virtual worlds and bring them back. It was a cool idea, and one that the second episode, Bond. Jane Bond jumps straight into with a woman caught up in a high octane spy adventure while her body suffers from heart problems that threatens her life.

I’m glad this wasn’t the first case Mara deals with as it is not as strong as the one to save Tony Lenton; the emotional connection to his dead wife gave a compelling narrative for the ‘guest case of the week’ but Ahna O’Reilly’s Rachel Kauffman does not share that same journey. The spy adventure is a low-budget Alias and it despite the suggestion that Rachel is living the life of a female James Bond, the world she is in does not have any of the excitement of either the world famous spy or the Jennifer Garner series.

But then perhaps Bond. Jane Bond is more concerned with the emotional journey than the dramatics at play in this dream world and that is where Reverie‘s biggest strength lies. While she isn’t as compelling as episode one’s Tony, you do understand that Rachel is an introvert finding confidence in herself as she searches for the mystery of her absent father. Again Mara uses her detective skills to understand what Rachel is searching for and help unite with him in the real world.

The more interesting stuff is in Mara herself, haunted by her dead niece Brynn after she first appeared in Tony’s dream world last episode. This visions have transcended to the real world and despite Paul Hammond’s suggestion that she use anti-anxiety medication to remove this presence, the episode ended with her connecting with Brynn. I’m not sure if she is a memory fragment or something more an I think there is the suggestion that there is something much darker affecting Mara.

Two episodes in and the premise is well established and the sci-fi hook of traversing dream worlds is certainly intriguing. I wonder if each episode’s success will rely on the strength of the case of the journey Mara is taking. Reverie in not ground breaking television by any means, but I’m looking forward to where the show takes us next.


Updated: Aug 06, 2018

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