Queen for a Day

It’s not easy being a Queen Bee…

Another Warehouse 13 episode, another fine guest star. This time it’s Jeri Ryan as Pete’s ex-wife, Amanda. She turns up at the Warehouse completely unexpected, to let Pete know she’s about to re-marry, and she’d like her grandmother’s ring back. Taken aback, Pete accedes to her request, leaving Myka with a bunch of questions about Pete’s previous relationship – something he’s not really opened up about before.

Of course, though, things are rarely as simple as that. Amanda’s bag bumped into an artifact while at the Warehouse and she has an abscondee within her bag – an Egyptian statue of a beehive. When Amanda gets stung by a the queen bee of the artifact, her wedding party are suddenly willing to do anything to protect her. Noticing the missing artifact, Pete and Myka make their way to his ex-wife’s wedding – to save the day!

Claudia and Jinks have been sent on a much different ‘snag, bag and tag’ mission. This time to a Civil War Re-enactment to find Ulysses S. Grant’s hip flask. It involves a lot of dressing-up and roleplaying, and Claudia gets to try her hand as a Southern Belle to distract the ‘mark’ while grabbing the artifact. She tries to get Jinks to open up a bit, but he’s not really buying it – he does, however, mention that she looks incredibly similar to his deceased sister. That’s probably the first personal information we have about Jinks’ background, and it’s nice to see it being slowly wooed out of him – and also giving Claudia a real tie to someone more her own age than Artie.

Relationships are the key in this episode. Both artifact retrievals are relatively straightforward, but we learn more about Pete’s past and he manages to reach a closure with Amanda. And Jinks starts to open up to Claudia, and also to the audience. It struck me in this episode how much I already like the addition of Jinks to the team – and just how smoothly the creative team have slotted in a new regular cast member. Good stuff.

Rebecca Brodeur

Updated: Sep 08, 2011

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