Power: 6.08 Deal With The Devil

As Power edges closer to its finale, there is more betrayal and heartbreak between the show’s major players.

It is sad to think we are this close to the end of Power, but wow – it sure is going out in style. In Deal With The Devil we get another hugely consequencial moment whilst elsewhere, every character’s story arc closes in on the end.

Deal With The Devil sets up with desperation from Cooper Saxe by trying to put pressure on Tariq and Lakeisha. Saxe has been consistent from day one in his pursuit of justice and has actually been bang on the money almost every single time – if only he could prove it. He plays the smug snob very well and despite that, I do feel for him; it must be so frustrating to know you are right but see your colleagues dying around you and facing jail time yourself whilst those you are seeking to put behind bars are living a high life – he is actually staying relatively sane given those circumstances.

Saxe’s failed attempts at pursuing Tariq and Lakeisha thankfully brought us a wonderful moment with Tommy and James uniting once again to interrogate Saxe. James is brilliant at switching to Ghost at a moment’s notice and the way he controls situations with slick improvisation is always impressive. When Tommy is about to blow Saxe’s brains out, Ghost negotiates his life by telling Tommy he owes him for Angela – thus getting his own way. This tells me is perhaps they will be able to be civil and move on – I dare not expect a happy ending for both these phenomenal characters.

One of Power‘s most perfectly orchestrated scenes was undoubtedly the loss of Lakeisha. Firstly, it was a ruthless side of Tasha we hadn’t been exposed to yet – she has perhaps always been underestimated after being overshadowed by Ghost but she is one very protective mother. The best part about the scene was how successfully the aggressive scrap between Tasha and Lakeisha ran parallel to Tommy and Cash bonding and buying the engagement ring. Something so contrast arguably shouldn’t work but it was executed brilliantly.

Joseph Sikora was brilliant in the emotional discovery of Lakeisha’s fate and he portrayed the gut-wrenching heartbreak exquisitely – it certainly connected with me; lump in the throat and more shockingly, sympathy for an otherwise undeserving character. The team behind the show have always done a brilliant job at picking the right song for the right moment, be it upbeat or heartfelt and Home by Solomon Grey was eloquently selected this time around.

Power is ramping up the tension between all characters; law enforcement are catching on to Tommy and Tariq, Tasha is now categorically a criminal, Tate is hellbent on either salvaging his career or making James pay for losing it, Dre is still out snitching on anyone to help save himself, Saxe isn’t going to go down quietly, Jason and Vincent are still alive with very keen business interests and Benny will want to avenge Proctor. With all this in open play, the penultimate and final episodes will be very explosive and exciting indeed.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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