Power: 6.07 Like Father, Like Son

Tariq follows his father’s footsteps in the latest episode of Power.

Like Father, Like Son is a perfectly apt title for the most recent entry in Power‘s final season.

So far in this final run, it has been hard to predict how it could all end; who would get their happy ending, who would meet their ill-fated demise? It was only in last episode’s review I had pondered the unpredictability of Tariq’s story arc but that appears to have now been answered.

This episode portrays Tariq in many ways that resembles his father and his knack for ‘the game’. Tariq is consistently deceiving those closest to him for his own selfish gain – sound familiar?

Like Father, Like Son was pleasing for a number of reasons; firstly seeing Saxe get his comeuppance for his unorthodox and illegal efforts to bring down James – though we have seen a very similar pattern when someone in office has tunnel vision for James; a certain Greg Knox – I needn’t remind you of his fate. I suspect there is very little chance of us seeing Saxe just walk away from this, or go to jail without getting some closure on his vendetta.

Secondly, Jason’s deal with Ghost and Tommy is exactly what we needed, something to postpone them killing one another. This show is at its best when Tommy and Ghost are working together and my early prediction is they will work together like they had to for Felipe Lobos, to finish a common enemy. That said, I do not think we will be lucky enough to see both of them walk away with a happy ending – perhaps one will take the hit for the other with some emotional play with a dying handshake and the final words ‘brothers for life’. My own speculation of course, but Power simply isn’t that kind of show where characters get to walk off into the sunset.

One surprising act in this episode was Tasha’s change of heart to her parenting technique for Tariq. It did seem daft going from one extreme to the other; at the start of the episode she was mad that Ghost had put a gun to his head as a scare tactic and profusely denied all possibility of Tariq being in ‘that life’ but then towards the end we find her ready to mould Tariq into a new and improved Ghost – Ghost 2.0 if you like. The latter part ties in nicely with the rest of the story arc; if only it wasn’t so contradictory to the beginning.

With just three episodes to go until this fantastic show comes to an end, it promises some serious adrenaline-filled action and heartbreak as there are still many characters fates to be decided and story arcs to be fulfilled. Season six has been accelerating at a steady pace with each progressive episode turning up the heat one notch – it’s sure to get much hotter.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Oct 08, 2019

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