Power: 6.06 King’s Gambit

Power’s final season reaches the half way mark, in which major events unfold.

Spoilers below as action-filled final season of Power reaches the half way point with King’s Gambit.

At this point in the final season, Power had to give us something big and it certainly delivered. James is still set on becoming the man Angela wanted him to be, and rightfully so. I want a happy ending for someone and as much as all the crime and wrong-doings Ghost has committed, at least he is trying to get away from that life. Unfortunately for him, just about everyone who knows him wants the opposite for him, perhaps no more than AUSA Saxe; this guy is obsessed with St.Patrick and if the current AUSA death toll is anything to go by, it will likely end badly for him.

I am stunned at James’ resolve yet again; how he keeps his cool with Dre is beyond me. This is the guy that showed up at Raina’s grave and threatened James. I don’t see this reunion lasting long. Tariq’s story is developing at an accelerating speed; his ‘ending’ whatever that may be, is becoming more interesting. He is ambitious but so incredibly naive, which is growing weary now. If the intention is for his character to be a spoilt brat, it is being portrayed exquisitely.

An underrated character, but an important one – excellently performed by Jerry Ferrera – is Joseph Proctor. Proctor has been Ghost and Tommy’s ‘phone a friend’ throughout many seasons and lives something of a twisted and corrupt life of his own, going against his drug-using ex-wife over custody of his daughter. Proctor has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time and so it actually was quite fitting that he was murdered at James’ apartment. What a scene that was – albeit far-fetched, when Tommy made the call to Tariq to get him out. The acting from Joseph Sikora struck fear, fear for Proctor. There was only going to be one winner here and with no remorse, it was of course Tommy. That poor child though, Elisa Marie has lost both parents in two days – some ruthless television for you right here. RIP Proctor, you had a brilliant (and cunning) run.

On a positive note, for viewers anyway, there is now a reason for Tommy and Ghost to team up again and rekindle that badass partnership we have loved from the beginning. They both care for and love Tariq, so if they have to work together to get him safe then that’s fine with me – what better incentive? Realistically, it is hard to believe that after all that has elapsed between them it can be a happy ending for the fan-favourite duo but at least one of them will come out on top.

With five episodes remaining, there is still a number of character story arcs to wrap up; New York isn’t big enough for all these major players; Tommy, Ghost, Dre, Saxe, Jason, Vincent. I am giddy with excitement to find out how the second half of this season will play out.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

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