Power: 6.06 Inside Man

Power’s major players are all united in a desperate bid to save Tariq in the latest episode.

The journey towards the ends starts now as Power enters the second half of its final season. This was an episode that featured practically every current cast member as the huge ensemble unite to help get Tariq back from Vincent. Given how many people Ghost has upset, it is amazing how many people he can get to help him when he needs it – albeit he had leverage over some. I know like many fans, I was so excited to see Ghost and Tommy put their feud aside to work together against the common enemy – this is what we want. Power at its best is Ghost and Tommy working together – as brothers.

It is becoming increasingly hard to work out what Tariq’s long-term game plan is here. Was it surprising that it was his idea to ‘incentivise’ Ghost and Tommy? No, of course it wasn’t. He has been scheming for a long time and the only loyalty we’ve seen from him was towards Kanan – even that led to betrayal. He is desperately trying to become the new Ghost or Kanan and who could blame him given what he has been exposed to – hardly a traditional family environment. It is intriguing to know where and how his story will end but it seems like the writers would have had a number of options and I hope they get it right.

The episode carried a fast pace which perfectly complemented the task at hand for Ghost and Tommy – to deliver $2 Million in 24 hours. Every scene felt rushed, in a good way, and it was as exciting as it was impressive to see how organised and quickly the two reunited ‘brothers’ could put together $2 million. All feuds were put aside in this episode but one – Jason. Jason taking half that $2 Million was a massive kick in the teeth but it gave the opportunity for Tasha to show that she is more than equipped to handle ‘the game’, with the right incentive. I think the best part of this episode was that it highlighted each character’s key skills, what they’re best at; we see Ghost use leverage to get what he wants, Tommy incentivises his crew to move product, Tasha cooks the books and gets more product supply, Dre goes back to his routes and proves he knows how to own a street corner.

There was a look in Ghost’s eyes when Vincent was bashing his son Tariq (with oranges? – random) that we have seen many times before. Ghost will not forget that moment and so I hope we get to see that it is Ghost that gets to put Vincent down – I’m sure it will be glorious revenge.

Ghost’s powerful new ally in Benny is an exciting one and looks to promise some conflict in the episodes to come. The look on Tommy’s face was priceless when Benny said he knew who killed Proctor (Ghost told him it was another unseen criminal Proctor lied about), but this is likely to be a defining moment that shapes the next episode(s) because Ghost clocked the reaction and is now certain that Tommy killed Proctor, helped by Tariq. Ghost has lost Proctor and Angela to Tommy and now his son is an accomplice – this may be enough to reignite the feud. At least we got one full episode of Ghost and Tommy working together again – it was just a shame we didn’t get to see the infamous handshake one more time.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Oct 02, 2019

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