Power 6.04: “Why is Tommy Still Alive?”

Ghost faces his demons in the very aptly named ‘Why is Tommy Still Alive?’.

The fourth instalment of Power‘s final season starts with Ghost taking a long hard look at himself in the mirror. Only, he sees Angela (hallucinative of course) and she challenges his life decisions, picking Tommy over her and picking that life over her. It is rare we see the great James St. Patrick show any kind of weakness or insecurity but it was a welcome one and certainly overdue. It certainly makes for good TV whilst James is constantly at boiling point.

Ghost’s hallucinations of Angela persist and these moments are pivotal in demonstrating his struggle and loneliness. His closest friend is now his lawyer which says it all, but somehow Ghost still has fight in him. His attack on Tommy was reckless and certainly turned up the heat for this episode and the uncertainty that brings for every interaction is exhilarating. Power is clearly demonstrating that no character seems to be safe – there are so very few alliances left and it’s essentially a game of Poker with guns.

Dre’s massive shift in character seems out of sync with the adrenaline-filled action man he portrayed at end of season five. Obviously he is in witness protection and Saxe has his daughter, but as we have already seen, he is still ruthless (RIP Donovan). Seeing him tiptoe around with Ghost like a little lapdog just didn’t suit the character we’ve been shown of late but I hope it is deliberate – a classic Dre up to his two-faced schemes.

One of Ghost’s many enemies, albeit more in disguise, is Rashad and yet again he struggles to emulate power. His intimidation attempt over Ghost following the attack on Tommy was so feeble and within seconds Rashad went from a Rottweiler to a poodle. I’ve said it before – Rashad simply does not pull off the ‘major player’ in contrast to other big names. It was rewarding seeing Ghost show Rashad he is clearly out his depth, but this was an episode where Ghost acted like a man with nothing to lose – even standing up to Jason. The more that happens the more I hope to see a Tommy-Ghost reunion.

One thing is for certain as the season progresses; no one can trust anyone and it is increasingly difficult to predict who, if anyone, will have a happy ending. Unpredictability makes for exciting TV and Power‘s final season is providing just that.

Daniel Davies

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

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