Power: 6.03 Forgot About Dre

50 Cent makes his directorial debut in season six’s latest episode,

The third entry in Power‘s final season Forgot about Dre, was co-creator 50 Cent’s directorial debut and he has certainly not held back on creating the hype – allowing for plenty of social media posts to boast his achievement. Like his respective character – the now deceased Kanan – anything involving 50 Cent never seems to lack action.

This episode started off exactly how you would expect from the ‘In Da Club’ rapper. The attention immediately turns to Dre in his safe house and it is Donovan who is tasked with bringing him safely to court to testify against Alicia Jimenez. Working as a DA in New York City must be the most dangerous job going, because they yet again lost one of their own in Donovan, as he courageously wasted his life saving Dre. Dre has always been driven by his desire to have the best life for him and his daughter. But just as he lets you think that of him as good, we see a dark side to him. It was no different when he mercilessly took out a pleading Donovan –  in front of his daughter no less. This was Dre’s first real involvement this season and clearly he’s back with a bang. Could it be him that reunites Ghost and Tommy?

We get to see a family moment between Ghost and his son, but it lacked any real emotion. Tariq’s character development is disappointing; it is predictable and at the same time unclear where his character is heading and to what end. He’s drug dealing at school – fine, but is he playing Ghost, his own father? It doesn’t feel realistic seeing him this emotionally distanced from Ghost – he is still so young yet he continues to portray a heartless approach to everything.

Two major plays took place in this episode that I suspect will go on to mean much more as the season unfolds. First of which was the very coy Jason playing off Tommy and Ghost against each other as he tasks them with bringing him Alicia Jimenez – who was wrapped up in police custody. It was interesting to watch both of them make the attempt in the courthouse to get to her; traditionally it would be Ghost who would come out on top in situations like this but it was Tommy that pulled it off. This only highlighted the fact Ghost has no one as he was left to do this task alone, contrasting Tommy, who had Lakeisha and his gang.

In typical ‘Kanan-style’ fashion, we see Jason blow two very gruesome holes in Alicia Jimenez – two major deaths in one episode; start as you mean to go on 50 cent? It was this death however that demonstrated to both Ghost and Tommy they were being played against each other and we know that both were financially obliged to take on the task in the first place.

It was this particular moment that brought about the second major moment in Forgot about Dre. Ghost makes a call to Tommy in a bid to reunite them against a common problem – Jason. Tommy looked tempted and I expect a lot of fans, like me, had their fingers crossed Tommy would bite and take that offer so we can see the infamous duo back together – perhaps not yet. Tommy dropped his infamous ‘cancel Christmas’ line and pointed out that Ghost is only calling him because he has no one else. For the first time, it is clear that Ghost is alone now. In the season five finale he lost both Angela and Tommy and is now left with no trustworthy allies. Within both Dre and Simon Stern making their return, Ghost’s list of enemies seems even longer. It will be a miracle if he comes out of this series alive.

50 Cent’s directorial debut was a success; it had action, kick started some chain reactions and developed the season storyline further than the previous two episodes combined. I hope we see more from 50 Cent in the director’s chair before the end.


Daniel Davies

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

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