Power: 6.02 Whose Side Are You On

The Tommy and Ghost feud is now well under way as Power continues its final season.

The Tommy and Ghost feud is now well under way after the season opener and the introduction to the second episode showed a very distraught Ghost convinced he took out his best friend; his brother – Tommy. Whose Side Are You On starts with addressing Ghost’s reaction to what has unfolded and he is clearly heartbroken – Omari Hardwick has been historically brilliant at reserving emotion for the character and unleashing it in one fell swoop when it matters.

Jason is cleverly playing them off against each other, knowing full well that Tommy is alive. There is something about Jason that just doesn’t convince me he’s as serious a villain as some of the previous we have seen in the series, such as the cannibal Milan – he was freaky intimidating. Jason is supposedly higher up the criminal underworld chain than anyone else we have seen so far so perhaps we are yet to see his ruthless potential, but with Tommy and Ghost now under his thumb it might just be the glimmer of hope that they reunite to rid themselves of their common puppeteer.

Ghost is addicted to making enemies, being incredibly selfish whilst naively believing he puts others first; it would almost be inspiring, if it wasn’t so incriminating. He seems to come out of every situation smelling like roses – is he still underestimated? He is seemingly making an enemy out of Rashad and taking over his speech; whilst it did seem to save the day, this is clearly angering Rashad. Unfortunately, Rashad doesn’t pull off intimidating at all. His demeanour simply isn’t scary or authoritative and it feels forced. I  cannot see Ghost ever cowering to this man, but power speaks, and Rashad certainly has and continues to grow his with his campaign. His own selfish actions only mirror that of Ghost. With everyone – literally everyone – hating on Ghost, it will be a miracle if he comes out of this series alive, but equally it would not be surprising such is the strength of this character to come out on top of everything thrown his way.

The biggest talking point to come out of Whose Side Are You On is without doubt the funeral of AUSA Angela Valdes. It was beautifully done and the backing track of Freya Riding’s ‘Lost Without You’ was a wonderful selection. The scene flowed smoothly and built on the intensity as characters showed up in turn; Ghost and Tasha showing up (together) turned up the heat, given they aren’t actually together. Many of the key players present are convinced he did the deed of taking her life. The final person to show up was of course Tommy and whilst that was both shocking and insulting to many there, it was the reaction of Ghost realising that stole the show – reinforced by Tommy’s smug look – given that he is now ‘protected’ by Jason. Or so he thinks.

It’s becoming impossible to make any kind of accurate prediction as to how this final season going to play out, or who the power is going to shift to. In this big rich town, no one is safe…

Daniel Davies

Updated: Sep 03, 2019

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