Power: 6.01 Murderers

Power gives a big opening as an intense final season begins

Power will be under pressure to deliver a fantastic ending to the series, especially given the media uproar fans can cause if their favourite TV series doesn’t end the way they want it. Power is a show that has grown in audience each season and its most recent fifth season left us with a very big cliffhanger. The show sets itself up with these expectations and if it wants to contend with the ‘big hitter’ TV shows around, then it needs to go out with a bang in its final season.

The opener, Murderers is underwhelming by comparison to previous season openers, but it does very well at focusing on what I can assume is the season agenda – betrayal. Power’s advertising efforts have been incredibly clever this year, aside from the media presence of 50 Cent to aid in any social media attention, the show’s story arc of Ghost Vs Tommy has been at the core of its advertising. With social media they elected to encourage fans to vote on a #TeamTommy and #TeamGhost tag in order to get more engagement.

If anything was going to be that final crack in the Ghost and Tommy brotherhood, it was Ghost’s lifelong love ‘Angela’ being shot by Tommy. Their relationship has been inspiring throughout the series and you could be forgiven for feeling powerful if one of them had your back. Throughout the entirety of the series, the fundamental backbone has been these two characters and the lengths they would go to save one another – but this opener is the first that feels could be the end for their friendship.

Early on in the episode we see Ghost confront Tommy in his apartment. However, if Ghost truly set out to kill Tommy, he would have had a gun or would have gone at him with more intent. Their resulting fight felt withdrawn, hesitant almost, like something was holding them back from any form of killing blow. Arguably they both have clear motive to hurt the other but this is perhaps their biggest test of all. Ghost is running out of all allies; with Angela gone, Tasha seeking divorce, Tommy’s vendetta and his own son Tariq a huge question mark over his loyalty, it begs the question as to whether Ghost could actually go through with it.

Omari Hardwick’s performance of Ghost has been consistent throughout, mastering the cool, aspiring New York businessman to rage-fuelled drug-dealing thug at the flick of a switch. In Murderers we see Ghost at his weakest, his most vulnerable; blinded by rage and hurt. Historically, he has always dug his way out of every corner he’s been backed up into, but with no one by his side that could be no more and it does become harder to root for him the more he gets away with.

Tommy has a lot to contend with and is equally as good as Ghost at talking his way out of situations, but this relationship he has with Jason started to show some cracks in this episode. Jason clearly doesn’t trust Tommy to be able to handle Ghost and has little patience for any mistakes. Ghost’s attempt on Tommy’s life at the end of the episode was sad to see; we know now that Ghost is serious this time and I think that shook Tommy as much as it will have shaken most fans.

Murderers has set the season up with an intense rivalry and frayed loyalties. It is sure to be a very unhappy ending for someone and it seems the show is going to maintain the Tommy or Ghost debacle for a while – keeping that answered question hanging over every episode ‘who will come out on top’?

Daniel Davies

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

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