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Daniel Theophanous reviews the season two finale of Mr Robot season 2; did it end with a dramatic bang or underwhelm?

In episode twelve we finally get to see what happens to Darleen. Thankfully she is alive, but held by the FBI in an interrogation room. Clearly we now know she has been caught, confirming that it was her and Cisco at the dinner that FBI Agent Dominique DiPierro located and the shoot out with Dark Army that followed. We discover that Cisco died in the shoot out, with his blood still on Darleen’s jacket. As the interrogation proceeds, DiPierro and her boss question her relentlessly; viewers maybe hope Darleen will somehow wrangle her way out of the situation as she says nothing and owns to nothing. However, DiPierro decides to surprise her, taking her to another room, where there on a board, in a web of pictures and notes there is detailed account of all the characters involved the case from all the members of FScoiety, ECorp to Tyrell and the Dark Army. Everything is jotted down to the minute detail, connected lines showing the relationship between each possible suspect.

It appears DiPierro has been on the tail of perhaps everyone involved in the case all along, for us the whole show. She perhaps didn’t have the evidence to arrest anyone and maybe still has no incriminating evidence on arresting Darleen, but all her hunches prove to be spot on! Obviously we dont find out in this episode, whether Darleen is incriminated or will the FBI bargain with her for her to assist them. This whole scene were so masterfully down, Sam Esmail truly excels himself, despite being slowly to evolve it revealed so much. Darleen appears like a ‘deer in headlights’ the uncertainty of her future expressed vividly in her wide eyes, whilst DiPierro is back to her old fun self, her spunkiness regained, cracking a joke here and there, excited by the prospect of what Darleen’s capture will bring.

The final episode could not be without some resolution on Elliot’s situation. Elliot is freaking out about Tyrell’s presence, thinking he was dead all along. He is now convinced that Tyrell is also fiction of his imagination. Elliot turns on to Mr Robot, fed up with his incessant pestering and annoyed that he is now placed again in a dangerous situation which he has no clue about. Mr Robot has been plotting with Tyrell and the Dark Army for the implementation of the next phase in their plan, Phase Two Elliot oblivious to it all. It would be interesting to see Elliot under the influence of Mr Robot; we are given glimpses of it in this episode but one could guess that this maybe something that may be explored in season three.

Things start to get complicated as Tyrell proceeds to activate a hacking process to initiate Phase two and Elliot desperately tries to stop them. Obviously big things are at stake here, however viewers have no clue what its all about and why Elliot is reluctant to progress with things. Elliot’s incessant efforts to stop Tyrell call for him to take a drastic measure, and he ends up pointing a gun at Elliot commanding him to stop. Elliot is still convinced that Tyrrell is a mind trick and he thinks that Tyrrell is not holding a gun. Tyrrell eventually and unwillingly shoots him, Elliot looks down at his hands which are all bloody, possibly indicating that Tyrell is real… maybe?

Tyrell makes a call the Dark Army and to our surprise Angela answers, in tears he tells her what he did and then confessed to her, that he loves of Elliot. The whole scene is wonderfully strange, Elliot’s continuous mid games, all these hints at things but we are still unclear of the whole picture. We can guess the Dark Army is behind everything as they are slowly recruiting everyone into their organization, to what conclusion though we are yet to find out.

There is a subtle theme throughout the series, in various scenes throughout recent episodes we see power surges causes the lights of the city to frequently fade in and out. There are some vague passing mentions about some grid problems, possibly due to the hacking of ECorp. In the final scene of the episode we see all the lights of New York completely switch off plunging the city into darkness. The episode and season two end there.

The episode is slightly underwhelming as a season finales go, however it doesn’t disappoint or come with no surprises. It is possibly lacks the ‘pow’ factor that you would expect, there is very little suspense and the cliffhangers are quite mild. One thing we do learn is that everything counts with Mr Robot,, the smallest detail is intentional, a small sub plot becomes a fully fledged game changer. Aesthetically the theme of dark sombre colours, the clever camera angles, the slow paced dialogue and the nonchalant–ness of all the characters, the whole thing just oozes a certain coolness you don’t get with any other shows. Unfortunately, we now have to wait now for a whole year for season three!

Daniel Theophanous

Updated: Sep 27, 2016

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