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Tyrell Wellick finally makes his re-emerges whilst Angela visits the set of Twin Peaks to meet Whiterose in the latest Mr Robot review from Daniel Theophanous.

The FBI and Dark Army shoot out in the final scene of episode ten raised so many questions, answers to which viewers would hope episode eleven will provide. No such luck! The intentional long distance camera angle of that scene, made everything appear so vague and unclear, leaving viewers uncertain of how the events unfolded. Coupled by the fact that in this episode, there isn’t one single mention of Darleen or Cisco, no clue is given of their fate. Was it actually them that DiPierro saw in the diner? If so, did they manage to escape when DiPierro ran out after the guy on the motorcycle?

DiPierro now at the hospital, is unharmed by the kafuffle but is still covered in blood, which she tells the medics its not hers. Is the blood Darleen’s or Cisco’s or the dead biker’s? She is edging to get back on the case, but her boss prevents her from doing so and forces her to take timeout to recover. The FBI’s hunt for FSociety, the Dark Army, Tyrell Wellick is loosing its momentum to the dismay of DiPierro, who now seems so much less of herself, her spunkiness beaten down by the continuous never ending chase. The following scenes see her back at her flat, in bed trying to engage into some sort of conversation with her intelligent voice service. It proves unsatisfying, as she asks it some rather introspective and contemplative questions such as: ‘are you lonely?’, ‘do you have a boyfriend?’, ‘What colour are your eyes?’ possibly reflecting the feelings of loneliness and isolation she is currently feeling.

Elsewhere, Elliot unexpectedly finds himself in a cab with Tyrrell Wellick, who finally makes an appearance. Perplexed by how he got there, Elliot is convinced its another one of those black-out moments; the ones where Mr Robot takes over Elliot completely. Elliot is baffled by what he hears as he cannot recall any of it; it transpires that Tyrell has been secretly talking and plotting with Mr Robot all along, there is involvement with the Dark Army and their plans for Phase Two. Mr Robot does make a fleeting appearance in the episode, but there is hardly any interaction between the tow; the scene shows Elliot looking in at Mr Robot on computer trying to decipher what he’s doing. This specific plot line with Tyrell and Mr Robot is problematic with any intrigue diminishing rapidly. it feels a bit lacklustre and unremitting; possibly attributed to very little detail given over a long period of time; leaving viewers disinterested in the outcome.

Angela Moss finds herself in a weird and Lynchian setting. Director Sam Esmail sets her up in a surreal scene, resembling an extract from TV show Twin Peaks. In episode ten, Angela is approached by two figures on a train, straight after her get-together with Elliot, where she reveals to him that she was going to turn herself into the FBI. Fast forward a few hours, we now see her being driven in the back of a van to a house at an undisclosed location, and once they arrive she is ushered into a dark room. The room is bare, with only desk in the middle and a lit-up fish tank, which provides minimum light. On the desk there is a bulky dated looking computer screen, probably from the early nineties, with a keyboard, as well as a red retro dial up phone. To make things even more bizarre, a little girl wearing a suit enters the room and sits in-front of the desk and encourages Angela to answer questions that appear on the screen. Angela reluctantly agrees and after a series of questioning, the girl leaves allowing for Whiterose to enter the room, in full drag of course.

This weird and wonderful scene is thoroughly engaging; the simple dark scenery of the room, Angela’s solemn demeanour and confused expression, Whiterose’s appearance, the snail paced dialogue; it’s all so strange and eerie, playing up on the secrecy and mystery that surrounds The Dark Army. Whiterose dominates the conversation; revealing to Angela that her relationship with Phillip Price, Elliot and her quest for justice for her mum’s death, all unbeknownst to her, is proving to be a hindrance to the Dark Army’s plans. After much discussion there seems to be some agreement made, which of course viewers are not given privy to.

Episode eleven shifts down a couple of gears compared to prior episodes. As this is the penultimate episode of season two, perhaps Sam Esmail wants to calm things down before the storm descends upon us once again. Saying that, the episode is not without its big revelation; the final re-emergence of Tyrell Wellick, which the whole of season two has been hinting at. As season three has been confirmed, it’s to be expected that next week’s episode we will be treated to an immense cliff hanger, with no closure or remorse.

Daniel Theophanous

Updated: Sep 16, 2016

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