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Big suspense and revelations in episode 10 as the FBI now is closer to FSociety and the Dark Army.

Elliot barely has a moment post his prison release, when Joanna Wellick shows up outside his building, the exact moment he reaches his flat. Along with her bodyguard, they force Elliot into helping them find Tyrrell’s whereabouts by locating the address of the unknown calls she has been receiving. Of course this is child’s play for Elliot; he manages with ease to trace the calls’ location, however the address’ revelation surprises the bodyguard, who immediately rushes out of the flat. In the midst of it all, Elliot notices the absence of Mr Robot, who doesn’t appear for the rest of the episode. This is the first the time in this season where Joana Wellick’s plot makes any sense; the simple story that she is looking for her husband, the father of her child and she would go to extreme measures to find him. All the other fanfare around her, of murders, toy-boys, bondage sex etc. etc. seem rather superficial and unnecessary.

The FBI are now at Ecorp lawyer Susan Jacob’s house, investigating her murder, which viewers may recall from episode nine. Dominique DiPierro is called to the scene, as a neighbour witnessed the sighing of a person matching Cisco’s description, who happens to be on her wanted list for dealings with the Dark Army. DiPierro in this episode appears rather different; her previous aloofness and go-with-the-flow attitude has now been replaced with a concerned and desperate demeanour. Despite her objections, her boss wants to go to the media with the information on Cisco; her reservations are that she knows the Dark Army will definitely try to kill him before the FBI get to him.

Vincent, one of the other FSociety members, randomly turns up at Cisco’s flat all beaten up and in critical condition. A rather loose explanation is given to his showing up at the scene and Darleen’s first reaction is to let him die, as taking him to the hospital may risk her appearing on surveillance cameras. After Cisco’s intervention and pulling at her heart strings, she agrees for them to take Vincent to the hospital and in that moment we see Darleen’s softer side coming to the surface. Whilst waiting in A&E the two decide to pop out for food and in the meantime Cisco’s image appears on the news TV screen in the hospital lobby; the doctor recognizes Cisco’s face and calls the police.

Within the hour DiPierro arrives at the hospital and has a hunch that maybe Cisco and Darleen didn’t watch the news and they are still in the proximity. She goes on the hunt for them, traces the diner they are in and it is there the episode’s epic finale takes place. We are treated to a long distance shot of all the happenings about to unfold; the camera doesn’t zoom in on the characters but stays in one place; across the road from the diner, as if the viewer is a bystander pedestrian taking it all in. DiPierro rushes into the diner and interrupts a seated couple; we are not sure if it’s Darleen and Cisco, but we can make out a minor altercation.

At that exact moment two men on a bike drive round the corner and stop in front of the restaurant; one of the men gets off the bike and walks towards the dinner and starts to shoot at them through the window. They all manage to duck, and DiPierro, seemingly unscathed, manages to stand up and shoot back at the man, hitting him on the shoulder. The other man drives off and within seconds the police arrive on the scene where the other injured man shoots at them but they manage to shoot him down instead. DiPierro runs out, leaving the couple in the diner. So many questions raised; where the two men on the bike the Dark Army? Are Darleen and Cisco dead? Or did they leave the diner earlier and the whole purpose of the long distance shots is to keep the viewers guessing?

Creator Sam Esmail delivers once again.. The slowness that we became accustomed to it in the first part of season two has now been completely replaced with full speed edge-of-your-seat suspense drama. The cat and mouse chase scenario between the FBI and FSociety members has been the focal point of the episode and nobody has a clue where or when it all will converge. Everything in this episode mattered; each scene relating to the next; whether its Tyrell, or the Dark Army or an FBI shoot out. There are no filler scenes, no silent interactions or character build up; everything is happening now.

Daniel Theophanous

Updated: Sep 10, 2016

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