Mr Robot: 2.09 "eps2.7_init_5.fve,"

Things speed up super fast as the Dark Army take centre stage and Elliot is discharged from prison.

Episode nine begins with giving viewers an explanation of how Elliot got incarcerated. It looks as if it was some sort of self–sabotage effort, possibly a part of a bigger plan, which of course we are not given any access to, yet! Apparently he was arrested for hacking into an individual’s account and their subsequent online theft, activities which Elliot could have easily erased, with his eyes closed, covering all his tracks. In the episode, we see Elliot getting an early release, at just four months of his eighteen-month sentence. Suspicious of his early parole, he suspects its something to do with the Dark Army. It’s at this point that viewers may realise that Elliot perhaps had dealings with them from earlier on. As Darleen picks up Elliot from the prison, she reluctantly agrees to take him to Cisco. Viewers may remember in the previous episode, she hit Cisco on the head with a baseball bat when she discovered he had evil plans to hand her over to them.

The Dark Army, are now coming to the fore front of the show, centre stage in fact. One simply can’t take any small detail for granted with Mr Robot, as it may become a fully fledged plot. Case in point, he Dark Army was very casually mentioned, sparsely throughout the series, and it has now become this elusive big thing, possibly a game changer for season two. We know they have something to do with hacking, security and terrorism, although its still all rather vague. Furthermore we know it has it roots in China and it has spearheaded by a malicious drag queen who goes by the name of Whiterose and who also happens to be China’s Head of Security. It is further revealed that he has close, if tense, ties with ECorp’s Mr Phillip Price and as mentioned earlier with Elliot. Everything appears to be linked somehow; obviously it will all culminate to some big high octane drama, which hopefully will live up to the momentum its building.

Portia Doubleday’s role of Angela Moss, is a role of little words but her face speaks a thousand words. Doubleday deserves countless accolades for her portrayal; for her unique ability to convey an array of emotions, through a limited number of facial expressions. Its as if, Angela is so preoccupied with what’s going on inside her head rather than the present reality and is unable to function normally within it. Her ulterior motives to move to ECorp’s risk management department seem to come to fruition; she manages to hack into her boss’s computer to discover classified information that incriminates ECorp in the toxic leakage which killed her mother. She takes the evidence to, what we could decipher is the FBI or the CIA. As they are about to start procedures of taking evidence from her, despite her wishes to remain anonymous, they press her to reveal more information about herself. This fact, coupled with cameras present all over the building, she freaks out and decides to bail out. A few hours later she is paid a visit by FBI agent Dominque DiPierro, who reveals they have been surveilling her all along and inadvertently asks her to help them.

There is an underlying theme explored in the episode; the relationship between Elliot and Mr Robot seems to have developed a glitch causing trouble in their co-habiting of Elliot’s body. Elliot experiences frequent black outs, and in these periods Mr Robot takes over. These moments are not instigated by either of the two and seem to be happening naturally. Its as if various situations call for the corresponding persona. This obviously eludes to another sub-plot which will possibly be carried on to the next season, as we are nearing the season’s final episode as its not sure theres is an enough space for yet another strand of the story to develop. But who knows?

The episode ends with Darleen, at Cisco’s flat hacking into the Dark Army server to discover that Elliot is actually the mastermind behind the Dark Army’s next plan. Her momentary shock is interrupted by a banging at the door, she opens the door, but we don’t get to see who it is. Elliot is on his way back to his own flat, to find Joanna Wellick in a car waiting for him outside. Finally we may get some light over the Tyrell/ Joanna story, which has been eluding us from the season’s first episode.

The episode proved to be the most suspenseful one yet, as if that was even possible. Creator Sam Esmail hits us relentlessly with twist after twist, revelation after revelation. If it’s not Elliot being in prison or Darleen murdering people or Angela’s solemn facial expressions or DiPierro’s wise guy persona or even China’s cross dressing head of security, it simply doesn’t end.

Daniel Theophanous

Updated: Sep 02, 2016

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