Lucifer: 2.04 Lady Parts

The women of Lucifer were the focus of this week’s fun episode.

This episode is, as the episode title may suggest, all about women. And Lucifer. But when is Lucifer not about Lucifer? Both the crime of the week and the main character stories are focused on the female gender. When a young woman is found dead on the side of the road, Chloe Decker and Lucifer are called in to take the case. I must admit that the twists in this episode weren’t what I expected them to be, so the case makes for an interesting watch. And, as always, it ties back into what is happening to the main characters quite nicely.

As we found out in last week’s episode, Chloe and Dan are getting a divorce. Now it has really sunk in and Chloe, who is also moving out of her mother’s house, doesn’t know what to do. So she throws herself into her work. Of course Lucifer is having none of this as he is currently engaging in distractions of the more fun kind, such as playing games on his new smart phone. As such, Chloe must distract herself with fun things as well. This thought leads to a wager with Maze and then a Girls night. Maze, Chloe, Linda and Ella all on screen at once and it is fabulous.

While the last season didn’t lack complex and competent female characters it lacked any significant interaction between them. However, this season we are seeing snippets of Maze and Leslie’s friendship since the first episode but now they are all together and passing the Bechdel test with flying colours. It is also nice to finally see Maze and Chloe in a situation where Maze isn’t acting with complete animosity towards her. Even if that is mainly motivated by the prospect of getting Lucifer’s convertible if she succeeds in getting Chloe to have fun.

This leads to some contention later in the episode when Chloe finds out, but it is resolved as Maze shows some emotional capability and tells her it wasn’t all a lie. She also throws in the little revelation that a drunken Chloe agreed to move in with Maze and split the rent. This will be a fun dynamic, with Chloe’s diligent nature and Maze’s more frivolous one. Add Trixie into the mix and this situation is either going to amazingly or blow up in the characters’ faces, either of which would make for some good watching.

Over with the men of Lucifer, Amenadiel is not dealing with his wing situation well. As his research is leading to dead ends he spends the episode either moping or getting drunk and dancing badly, in an illegal sex club. The sex club also provides a compelling setting for interactions between Dan and Lucifer; this divorce may make Dan a lot more bearable. Amenadiel’s current storyline has been an intriguing one, as there are various reasons why his wings would be moulting, not least of which the fact that he had sex with a demon. The debate is ended at the end of this episode, as Amenadiel questions Lucifer’s own distraction behaviours; he points out that there are always consequences to breaking a deal with God.

Overall Lady Parts shows some interesting interactions and sets up some relationships that will be fascinating to watch develop. If they get the chance of course. The ending shot shows Chloe being offered an apartment and then promptly getting hit by a car. It’s a great cliffhanger to end this week on.

Jessica Margaret Thomas

Updated: Oct 20, 2016

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