Lucifer: 2.02 Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire

After a week away season 2 of Lucifer continues with an insight into Lucifer’s Mummy issues. Jessica Thomas reviews…

After her Digital Fix debut last week with her feature on the female characters of Lucifer, Jessica Thomas will be picking up the reviews of Lucifer season two moving forward…

Lucifer’s Mother is back in his life. She appears by way of stumbling out of a lift at the end of episode one and this episode is very much centred around Lucifer’s relationship with her. The episode opens to a montage of ‘Mum’ trying to find Lucifer but being thwarted by the fact that the bodies she goes into keep getting killed. However, any sympathy for her character quickly goes as her complete distaste and lack of caring for humanity is revealed when she tries to prove to Lucifer that she is sorry and that she can be trusted.

There is, of course, a murder involved in this so out comes Chloe Decker. And we get to see Trixie for the first time this season; she doesn’t disappoint. Intelligent and sassy as ever, Trixie brightens every episode she is in. With her observant nature and enthusiastic love of Lucifer, which is now begrudgingly recuperated, part of me really hopes that she works out who he really is before her mother because the ‘well duh’ moment would be some excellent television. Her presence in this episode also gives Lucifer another excellent opportunity to project his parental issues to Trixie and Chloe’s relationship, much to Chloe’s irritation.

Dan is there, he tries to flirt with Chloe and it is awkward. Other than that he is not particularly useful; why isn’t he in prison?

With Chloe, Dan and the police station now comes CSI Ella Lopez, played rather delightfully by Aimee Garcia. She is the perfect level of competent and quirky to combat the awkwardness of Chloe and Dan, whilst also moving the plot forward. It is her knowledge that leads to Lucifer and Chloe finding out who used to occupy the body ‘Mum’ now resides in. Ella’s religion also adds an interesting aspect to the show as it makes Lucifer directly confront human religion in a way that he hasn’t had to before. There was the priest, Father Frank Lawrence, in season one but where he was aware of who Lucifer was, Ella is not. The way she is written to be firm in her beliefs but also fine with not having the answers makes me look forward to more interactions between her and Lucifer in the future.

While I did enjoy this episode as a whole my favourite part was the side plot featuring Amenadiel and Linda. As shown in episode one, Amenadiel is losing his powers and to research this he has gone back to his office in Linda’s building. This leads to a conversation between the two of them that really puts into question the way Amenadiel has been acting. He is an angel but his actions throughout the last season haven’t been very angelic (such as lying to Linda about being a therapist). I am hoping that the patching up of this relationship will lead to a significant amount of character development for Amenadiel as the whole unbending servant of God thing that he keeps going back to is getting a little old. Also it may, along with the friendship between Maze and Linda, lead to Linda having more screen time which is in no way a bad thing.

The episode ends with Lucifer allowing his mother to stay in the penthouse and her looking at the sky with a sly smile when he is gone. So I think it may be time to get buckled up for a season of Lucifer trusting her while Maze (and hopefully Chloe) see right through her.

Jessica Margaret Thomas

Updated: Oct 06, 2016

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