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Lucifer was back for season two on Amazon Prime this week. Here’s Baz Greenland’s review of the first episode…

Ah Lucifer, it’s good to have you back. This (very loose) adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Vertigo comics character might have its faults but it is bloody good fun. It’s all down to Tom Ellis’s affectious, charming take on the Devil who, as season two opens, is still ‘vacationing’ in LA with his sideline job at the LA police department but has his escapee mother to deal with.

Yes the concept is ridiculous but family drama – Lucifer’s grudge against ‘Dad’, sibling rivalry with Amenadiel and now his abandonment issues with Mum (it turns out he gets his bad side from her) – all allow Lucifer to play out his drama under the guise of therapist Linda. And while some elements of the show already feel a little strained, his therapy sessions aren’t one of them. Of all the human characters in the show, she is the most engaging and with her newfound friendship with Mazikeen I am glad she remains a constant presence on the show.

Chloe and Dan need work though. I commented last season that Kevin Alejandro’s character was the weakest aspect of the show and this is still evident here. I would much rather he had remained in jail after the whole Malcolm affair but the writers seemed to want to forget that rather tiresome storyline altogether as Dan was released from jail and back on the case by the end of the first act. New character Ella (Aimee Garcia) a CSI with a strong religious belief might add something to the show though; I hope we get more interaction between her and Lucifer soon.

I am also in a bit of a like / hate relationship with Lauren German’s Chloe Decker. On one side she works well alongside Ellis and there is a bit of a spark between the two characters, but the whole refusal to believe what he really is has become stale. Amenadiel may have tried to fob her off this episode, but she still doubted who her partner really was. And just when she started to take a step closer to solving the mystery of Lucifer by testing his blood she bottled it and threw the sample away. If season two is going to step things up a gear, she needs to learn the truth.

Once again the best bits were between Lucifer, Amenadiel and Mazikeen, while the mystery behind the Devil’s mother has given the show a bit of a purpose. Mazikeen returned a changed demon, distrustful of Lucifer after the events of last season and it was interesting to see a quieter, less playful side to her character. The opening scene with Lucifer and Amenadiel tracking down a jewel heist and believing one of the robbers had been possessed by ‘Mom’ was a lot of fun and Lucifer’s twisted perversion – leaving the robber in a tiara and underpants was rather funny. Better still was the scene where he believed he confronted the actress in her trailer. Believing his mom had possessed her, the utter horror on Lucifer’s face as the actress jumped him and started to undo his trousers was priceless. Fortunately this was nothing more than a girl with a wholesome image in front of the camera and a case of cocaine and sexual addiction behind the scenes.

The case was a little better than most with the dead body found on a Hollywood set with two iron spikes driven into her forehead like devil horns. Lucifer’s strong belief that his mother was responsible helped drive his motivation to solve the murder. Unfortunately, as with many cases on Lucifer it turned out to be fairly run of the mill; I guessed that the victims mentor and onset nurse was the dealer Bobby B before Chloe and Lucifer did.

Perhaps the best bit of the episode was the twist that Mom wasn’t some terrifying hell beast out to kill Lucifer for being enslaved for centuries in Hell, but a broken woman who needed his help. Cult actress Tricia Helfer made a surprise debut in the episode’s climax, seeking Lucifer’s help. Right again, it’s the supernatural family drama that keeps the show coming, not the case of the week murders. I only half care about Chloe discovering Lucifer’s secret and even less about Dan, but I am intrigued to see what Mom’s presence will bring to the show…particularly as Mazikeen was the one responsible for torturing her.

Lucifer was back with pretty much the same as before, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tom Ellis, DB Woodside and Lesley-Ann Brandt continue to excel as the two angels and their demon ally and Tricia Helfer is sure to add some fire to that mix. The case of the week was okay and Chloe’s quest for the truth a little tiresome but at least Linda continued to shine. I’m hoping Lucifer steps things up a gear in season two, but even if it doesn’t, there are few shows as fun as this one and I’m quite alright with that…


Updated: Sep 22, 2016

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