Lucifer: 1.11 St Lucifer

Was St Lucifer the best and worst of what the show has to offer?

After a week’s break Lucifer returned for its final three episodes and since the last episode there has been the announcement that the show has been renewed by Fox for a second season. Thanks to Tom Ellis’s fantastic performance as Lucifer Morningstar, and some great characters in Mazikeen, Amenadiel and Lucifer’s therapist Linda, it has been a largely fun, enjoyable ride. But it is not a show without its flaws; the human characters (Linda and the adorable Trixie aside) are largely bland and the cases of the week often mundane, only made engaging by Lucifer’s engagement in them. It is a show that has a great premise but great potential to do so much more.

And St Lucifer was a prime example of the very worst and the very best of the show all rolled into one. The case of the week, a former NBA star turned philanthropist murdered in his home was nothing special at all. Even the ‘twist’ that it was his wife was something we have seen a 100 times before. Yet again, it was how Lucifer engaged with the case that was the most fun. Burdened with the desire to do ‘good’ and become the titular St Lucifer, he decided to hold the charity function in Lux, offering financial support to those who needed it. But of course it was all for utterly selfless reasons, a chance to explore another facet of human nature.

There has always been a sense of the ridiculous, but the scene at the charity lunch almost went a bit too ridiculous. Lucifer launching into a song and dance number was so OTT, I groaned almost as much as Chloe, but then the scene where he offered the clothes on his back to the homeless man – literally – was hilarious. I’m sure my wife wasn’t the only one who liked the illusion of a naked Lucifer parading around the shop. And just how did he get to the next location fully clothed?

And so with the case both a mix of hilarity and mundane, what about the rest of the episode? Well after holding Dan hostage and telling him he was going to kill Lucifer, Malcolm finally attempted the act. I am so glad that this wasn’t dragged out until the finale. Lucifer naturally twisted the events at play to his own agenda, giving Malcolm the pentecostal coin from which he could escape Hell in return for his life – and was then promptly shot in the chest by the wife of the murder victim – who just also happened to be his killer. The fact that Lucifer survived, and could only be harmed in the presence of Chloe was something I clocked weeks ago when she shot him in the leg. Was I just making a good guess or was this an instance of the audience being so far ahead of the writers? Sadly, I think it was the latter and while interesting didn’t quite make for the Oooo! moment the show was probably going for.

But things with Mazikeen and Amenadiel certainly did get more interesting. After her little talk with the angel in the restaurant and some steamy, wing-popping sex in the back of a car, Maze found a way back to Lucifer’s good graces be agreeing to be a triple agent. And the fact that Lucifer learned Amenadiel sent Malcolm to kill him is sure to have some dramatic ramifications moving into the final two episodes.

One last point too, before I wrap up this review. Is the whole notion of people not reacting to Lucifer as being the Devil a little ridiculous now? I get that Chloe might be in some form of denial but what about everyone else? If you walk into a room and announce that your name is Adolf Smith their reaction is likely going to be Adolf? As in Hitler? So when Lucifer calls himself Lucifer Morningstar, why does no one say like the Devil? Perhaps it’s just the nature of LA but the logic feels a little stretched now.

With two episodes left, the stage is set for some pretty big repercussions between Amenadiel and Lucifer. St Lucifer set things up nicely but also showcased some pretty big flaws in the show. I am waiting to see Lucifer pull it out of the bag for the finale – and let’s hope season two delivers on the show’s potential.


Updated: Apr 13, 2016

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