Lucifer: 1.01 Pilot

Baz Greenland checks out the pilot episode of Lucifer, the last comic-based TV show now available to view on Amazon…

Crime procedurals are two a penny; you have to pick and choose your sleuth of choice. Personally for me it needs to be something slick and fun like Castle or White Collar or a crime drama with a twist like the excellent Victorian-based Ripper Street. And then there are the array of comic-based TV adaptations too, from Daredevil to The Flash; personally I watch a lot of these but with the ever growing choice I’ve started to pick and choose – Gotham didn’t make it past episode one…

Lucifer is a mixture of both of these; a crime solving drama based on a comic and the premise is suitably hokey – if a lot of fun. The Devil takes a vacation from running Hell and teams up with the LAPD to solve crime. It fact it sounds rather ridiculous and I ventured into the first episode – available to view on Amazon every Tuesday – with trepidation.

One episode in and I was pleasantly surprised. Miranda‘s Tom Ellis is the latest UK actor to headline a US show and he is rather brilliant as the cool, suave Devil in a suit, driving round LA in his convertible, using his charm to dodge speeding tickets, charm the ladies and generally have a blast. Ellis’s performance is immensely fun to watch and I found myself soon on his side; the scene where he enters the famous rapper’s party and blatantly rips apart hip hop music was hilarious to watch. With good looks – my wife was an immediate fan – and loveable, almost roguish nature, he carries the series effortlessly.

There is a great supporting cast too; Buffy The Vampire Slayer‘s D.B Woodside is imposing as the angel Amenadiel out to force Lucifer to return to Hell and the Devil’s sidekick and club owner Mazikeen is both mysterious and sparky in her few appearances – her first particularly demonstrates the more adult nature of the show! Scarlett Estevez’s little girl Trixie possible stole the show with her cuteness and her awkward interplay with Lucifer was amusing – “Trixie is a stripper name.”

Lauren German made a good start as Lucifer’s detective ‘partner’ Chloe Dancer, immune to his charms but grudgingly working with him to solve the murder of a famous singer Lucifer helped ‘get started’ as his charms prove useful. I’m not quite sure she held up to Ellis’s performance but she has room for growth and there is an underplayed chemistry between the two leads that has some real potential as the show progresses.

The pilot episode of Lucifer isn’t the boldest of first episodes but its slick, fun nature will certainly keep me coming back for at least a couple more episodes. It’s hokey hook is certainly something that rises above the many other hundred or so crime procedurals and unlike another new superhero-procedural, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (I still haven’t found myself tempted to watch episode two), I will be loading up the second episode as soon as it is available on Amazon.

I recommend you check it out too…


Updated: Feb 01, 2016

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