Love Sick

Another day, another set of mysteries…

This episode is split between artifact-hunting and time at the Warehouse bonding. Artie and Claudia head to Salt Lake City to meet up with Dr Vanessa Calder (Lindsay Wagner), who Artie has a crush on – something we learned in series 2 of the show. Dr Calder’s day job is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and she’s investigating some weird medical condition that’s making people’s skin turn to clay. When the Warehouse team realise that there’s a connection to a computer virus, they call in former agent Hugo Miller (Rene Auberjonois), and it turns out he and Vanessa have quite a past together.

Meanwhile, back at Warehouse 13, Pete and Myka wake up in bed together – naked (and Myka’s hair has turned blonde). They don’t have much recollection of the night before and immediately begin to investigate what happened to put them in such a position, while reconfirming to one another that surely they couldn’t have… Of course, they didn’t. It turns out they spent most of the day and night before hounding new recruit Steve Jinks, messing about with artifacts, getting accidentally drunk, acting pretty mean and territorial and eventually bronzing poor Jinks. They then engineered the naked in bed scene as Myka knew that would set them off investigating. It’s not that pleasant to watch them baiting the new recruit, even with the excuse of being drunk.

Artie and Claudia solve their mystery too, through her computer skills and his knowledge of the arcane and artifacts. But the artifact story is far more compelling than the one back at the Warehouse. Even if it also includes a fairly lame romantic triangle between Artie, Hugo and Dr Calder. It does pay off in the end though, as the mysterious FBI Agent from previous episodes, Sally Stukowski, recruits the computer tech who was infecting people. It’s definitely a glimpse into what will certainly be this season’s ‘Big Bad’.

Overall though, it may be amusing, but it’s not the greatest Warehouse 13 episode. Highlights for me were seeing guest stars like Rene Auberjonois returning – because I adored his episode last year, and also seeing the start of whatever is up with Sally Sikowski (even though her accent is very annoying!).

Rebecca Brodeur

Updated: Aug 31, 2011

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