Live Blog: The Great British Bake Off: 8.04

Week four, and it’s caramel week! GBBO guru Lauren Bravo has watched a preview of this week’s episode and assures me that it had her drooling onto her keyboard, so I think we’ve got a good hour (and a bit) ahead of us. We’re getting to the point now where everyone I know has favourites (Yan is mine, most other people favour Stacey or Tom) and people they love to hate (Stephen. Always poor Stephen) and the part of the series where everyone starts caring that little bit more and pulling it out of the bag. aka, we’re at the point where it starts getting interesting.

Considering this week we’ve discovered that Steven’s hobby is making ridiculously beautiful, arty cakes and last week we had a bread snail that looked like a penis, this episode has a lot to live up to. For my GBBO snacks I wanted millionaire’s shortbread, because when I see caramel all I want is that, but instead I have a bar of Green & Black’s and some iced buns.

On your marks…get set…liveblog!

Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 19, 2017

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