Live Blog: The Great British Bake Off: 8.03

Week three, and that means it’s bread week. Now, I doughn’t want to be a pain (au chocolat), but even though the show has been on a roll since it moved to C4 I always find bread week a bit tough. Not because I don’t like bread – ciabatta believe that I don’t fuck around when it comes to baguette-ing bread in my belly – but because I don’t like Paul.

Paul rose to the top because of his bread skills, so although he’s always a bit of a smug prat there’s simply naan worse during bread week. And it broke this week that he dressed up like a Nazi at a fancy dress party, so has gone way down in my estimation and I’m less likely to forgive him for his transgressions, especially no there’s no Mel and Sue to offer a crumb of comfort. So how will this episode go? Will I loaf it? Or is my affection for Paul and therefore bread week completely toast?

Gone a bit weird with the snacks, this week. I bought some Belgian chocolate and salted caramel cookies from Sainsbury’s at about 3pm when if I didn’t leave my desk and stop staring at my laptop screen I would have put a fist through it, but at the till they had discounted white Green & Black’s, so I threw one of those in too. I’m either going to be sick, or I’m going to be carried through this liveblog on a wave of sugar. I can’t wait to find out which.

On your marks, get set…liveblog!

Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 12, 2017

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