Live Blog: The Great British Bake Off: 8.02

After last week’s episode was…not terrible…we’re back for another week in the tent. This week, it’s biscuits.

The bakers have to make sandwich biscuits, fortune cookies and finally, bizarrely, a playable board game made out of biscuits. Just the kind of thing the average amateur baker whips up at home of a quiet Sunday, no?

No. Absolutely not. But this is Bake Off, last week Noel ate a Marigold, Paul Hollywood somehow managed to be the only survivor between the two series, I’ve long stopped expecting it to make sense.

This week in GBBO snacks, my husband picked up some lovely almond, mocha and fudge biscuits from Morrisons and I’ll be trying very hard to hide the fact that really I wanted McVities Chocolate Digestives. On your marks, get set, liveblog!


Amy Jones

Updated: Sep 05, 2017

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