Legends of Tomorrow: 5.11 Ship Broken

The Loom of Fate is finally ready to use but someone (or thing) has other plans in The Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends finally have The Loom of Fate but no sooner do they try to use it than things start going wrong on the Waverider. This is basically a bottle episode; Legends of Tomorrow has done a few ship based episodes before and to be fair, the Waverider is so expansive it doesn’t feel like a bottle episode (you could argue that half the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation are bottle episodes). The team are stuck, the ship is sabotaged and with no Behrad, there is no one to fix Gideon. While they do point out Sara could do it if she wasn’t incapacitated, I feel like the whole team need to have a crash course in time ship maintenance.

The ship gets marooned after Charlie tries to use the now fixed Loom. There is some argument as to who should be helped first; Ava wants Sara out of the coma, Zari wants Behrad back and Astra (who has joined the team this week) wants her mother back, obviously. Gary is also there with an emotional support dog called Gary Jr. because of course he is. Urgh. Gary. After Charlie tries to use the Loom, it backfires and wipes out the ship’s engines. In the chaos and initial black out from the backfire, someone steals the parts that make up the Loom. Everyone assumes its Astra which, to be fair, is not that big a leap. They’re sort of quite polite about it really, but she gets very offended that they, the group of people she’s been trying to kill, might think she, a demon who has been trying to kill them, is the person who stole the parts of the Loom. But they lock her up just to be safe. Everyone splits up to try and find the parts.

Mick also has his daughter, Lita, on the ship trying to do some father/daughter bonding. I really like Mina Sundwall, who plays Lita (she’s currently top of my list for Squirrel Girl fan casting) and she has a fun dynamic with Mick as well as a slight crush on Nate. It’ll be interesting to see what they do with her character, if she stays an occasional support or takes a bigger role going forward. ‘Lita’ is a name tied to several characters in DC comics so there is plenty of potential to take her further. Or maybe she’s just a stroppy teen? Initially she’s pretty underwhelmed with Mick’s role on the ship; everyone else has super powers, he has a gun but when she finds out he is basically stealing millions throughout history, she’s far more impressed.

This also answers a bit of a question I had; Nate shows Lita their bounty room while bigging up Mick in an attempt to help impress her, explaining that he funds their operation by stealing stuff. Obviously, the Legends have a time ship with food, clothing and medical replicators but they probably need some funding – it was a big feature last season – the idea that Mick just swipes stuff every trip, with the team’s blessing, to fund the adventures is a perfect Legends of Tomorrow thing to do, as well as answering the “who funds them?” question.

Sara has woken up form her coma and is now not only blind but seeing terrible images of people dying when she touches them. Seems her encounter last week with a God has given her some funky premonition powers, which could be useful. She manages to use these new powers to figure out that the saboteur is… Gary’s dog, Gary Jr. because of course it is. It was obviously Gary’s dog. As soon as we saw Gary with a dog and then things started going wrong, we knew it was Gary’s bloody dog. Turns out the dog has been kind of hypnotizing people to sabotage the ship for him. There are some wonderfully silly, Legends of Tomorrowy CCTV footage of this tiny little dog barking instructions to the team. Once cornered by the gang, Gary Jr. changes from a cute little fluffy lap dog into a hell hound, because Gary found Gary Jr. when they visited Hell. I mean, COME ON Gary! Seriously? His ineptitude and ability to costanty derail what the team are trying to achieve is beyond a joke now. Legends, time to let Gary go!

There is some great action this week and the VFX for the hell hound is pretty good. Also, the visual of the Loom working is really nice and I love how this show has embraced and fully shifted into the magical side of DC comics. The main focus this week feels like its on Astra gaining the trust of and trusting the team. Whether she becomes a full Legend, I’m not sure but I feel like her road to redemption will have less to do with saving her mother and more to do with forgiving Constantine. Mick has a bit of a breakthrough with his daughter as well, with her coming to see that he – his time travel life – is actually pretty cool. To be fair, she didn’t seem that mind blown when she discovered he lived on a time machine, so I think she’s quite hard to impress. By episode’s end its realised that Charlie can’t control the Loom by herself and they need immortals to wield its powers.

This was a very enjoyable episode; while its really funny in places, it does a very good job of focusing the storylines a little as they’ve been all over the pace. It’s not the most memorable episode but it sets us up well for the back part of the season. I still miss Ray though…


Updated: Jun 05, 2020

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