Legends of Tomorrow: 1.16 Legendary

The moment of truth! The Legends of Tomorrow season finale; is it really the stuff of legends?

This is it! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! I know, I know, I’m as surprised as you are that we’re all still here but we are, so lets strap in for Legendary the Legends of Tomorrow season Finale!

Oh, season recap. Give us a minute…

Rip takes everyone home because he realises he has utterly and completely ruined everything and brings them back relative real time for no reason at all other than the fact things won’t add up with the other series in this shared Universe. I swear the Waverider sounded a bit TARDISy in this scene!?

Sara goes to see her dad, I have literally no idea what they say to each other because neither of them open their mouth when they speak but whatever her dad mumbles at her, makes her upset.

This show could have stretched the concepts of time and time travel so much further, we get a little insight into what everyone is doing since being dumped back in their own time but it feels like we’re with them for about one evening in the first few minutes of the show. I would have really liked to see them be back for months, maybe even a year, really get back to their old lives before they realise they feel empty and go looking for Rip again. They call Rip back and he, erm, comes back? I don’t know why. He could have left them.

The WW2 scene is really cheap. Its obviously one guy in a clearing in a Californian wood and no amount of battlefield sound effects will convince me otherwise. Kendra, dude, you’ve got wings, Savage doesn’t – fly off! No? No, okay, you’re not gong to fly off. Kendra is becoming a bit of a damsel in this episode. Savage explains about the three meteors and how they gave him, Kendra and Carter their powers. I wonder if that will be relevant to the finale of the finale…

Shut up Rip. Chromometric, temporarily, replacement bollocky malarkey? Shut up Rip. The whole helmet thing is rubbish. There is so much scope for interesting time travel quirks, leaving messages in time is a great idea (Doctor Who, among others, has done it many times in fun ways) but when you have to add a stupid, near-magic element it smacks of laziness and a lack of imagination as well as being wasteful of the shows core conceit. Rip refuses to help Sara save her sister because time can’t be changed, even with Team Legs – this show just plays fast and loose with its own rules!

For a season finale you either need to go big or go intimate – Torchwood is actually a pretty good example of a crazy-knows-its-cheesy-that’s-why-its-good show that ended its first series with an insanely big and second series with a very intimate, finale. At the moment, the Legends finale feels a bit like any other episode.

Nazis! We have Nazis!

I’m not really feeling the whole Kendra getting kidnapped shtick. Come on guys?

So Stein figures out Savage is planning to destroy the world at the three different points in time, thus creating a paradox that will shift time back to the moment he first encountered the meteorite. Uh huh. Okay. Stein then plans that they need to attack him at each time point because the meteorite will render Savage mortal in all three timeframes. Okay. Yup. Okay.

We get a genuinely fun three-time period fight, each setting has a nice visual and tonal difference. It would have been cool to show more creative visuals but the juxtaposition of fights is a very satisfying conclusion and Rip gets to do the Back to the Future Part II jumping off a roof landing on his ship thing.

Rip sacrificing himself to save the world, his friends and all of time by flying the Waverider into to the sun is actually the most emotionally impactful the show has been (and not at all like that time The Doctor sacrificed himself to save the world, his friends and all of time by flying the TARDIS into the sun). His near dialogue free vision of his wife and child just before hitting the sun is really well played by Darvill and the music, always a high point of this show, is subtle and sad. It would be disingenuous of me to pretend that this wasn’t a touching moment and I felt myself welling up. After all Rip’s crazy nonsense, kidnappings, the shows bizarre jumps of logic and narrative idiocy it still managed to surprise me with this genuine, stirring scene.

Then of course Rip does a little cheeky time jump and returns back to just after he left with the meteorite and back to some good proper Legends of Tomorrow stupidity. Rip says with the Time Masters gone, someone needs to look after and protect the timeline and declares himself the best person for the job. You Rip, you? You are literally the worst person for the job!

As the proverbial dust settles, Sara visits her sister’s grave and speaks with her father. Dear god what is this man saying? No idea. But she decides to go with Rip. Stein, who has a really ironic Trivial Pursuit set or a really unsubtle wife, also decides to go with Rip. Rory visits Snart in 2013 which is really quite sad, Rory having had a genuine, if messy, arc of development. With Mick telling Snart he’s a hero, despite what he might think of himself, it does leave you wondering if this is even the inception of Snart’s journey from villain to hero? He is a genuine loss to the series. After meeting him Ray and Rip are waiting for Rory and, seeing he’s upset and didn’t quite manage to say what he wanted to say to Snart, Rip offers to bring him back to that exact same moment in time whenever he needs. What were you saying about protecting the timeline, Rip?

Kendra and Carter decide to leave the group and try to live their lives now Savage is gone. I felt very unsatisfied with Kendra’s ending. After playing so much with the idea of her reaching away from her destiny and finding her own path and new loves, it feels almost like she just drops back to being defined by her relationship with Carter, leaving her friends and her calling as a super hero to go be with him. I was left feeling almost uncomfortable with their relationship. Also, I have no idea how he exists since he’s Carter from the far future and that future can’t exist because Savage died in the past meaning he never existed to kill Rips family in the future, so Rip would never have travelled back to the past to stop him in the first placebrlpldrgrhxxxllxpplbrl….

I did like the final cliffhanger: Rex Tyler turning up and name dropping The Justice Society of America! Yeah, pretty cool. Shame he looks like a 12 year old catalogue model…

What can I say about this show, it’s been fun, it’s been bad, it’s been a slog and it’s been easy. When it was good it was great and when it was bad it was really pretty awful. Everyone should watch this show because if you don’t love how few shits it gives abut being logical, then you have no soul. It has so much potential that it never lived up to but it coasted on charm, next season I’d like to see it crank up the timey-wimey and crank up the crazy.

And Booster Gold, this show is screaming out for Booster Gold.


Updated: Jun 20, 2016

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