Legends of Tomorrow: 1.11 The Magnificent Eight

The Legends of Tomorrow go back to the Old West to meet a DC legend of the past in this review of the latest episode, with added Hex appeal!

Yehaaaaaw! It’s another rootin’ tootin’ episode of Legends of Tomorrow!

If ever a TV show needed cameos from Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd, this was the time!

After last week when Rory, who turned bad, turned good again he told the Legs about the next wave of assassins the Time Masters were sending after them; The Hunters. In a bid to avoid them, Rip takes the gang to 1871 America and a town called Salvation. It seems the timeline is in flux, that’s why it’s been so hard to find Savage – not because Rip is incompetent like we all thought – part of this flux means there are temporal fragmentations that make certain places hard to see, Salvation is one of those places. (I mean, if Rip knew that he couldn’t find Savage because of temporal fragmentation yet the fragmentations themselves are identifiable enough for him to find one in Salvation and go there to hide, surely he could just identify other areas of fragmentation and go see if Savage was hiding in them?)

Despite everything and I mean EVERTYTHING they have done and learnt about time and each other over the past few weeks, when the guys say they want to go out like time tourists to visit the old west Rip says “Yeah, sure just don’t get up to trouble”. In fact, he proceeds to GIVE THEM GUNS! Seriously, Rip, you’re an idiot. You’re hiding and you let them just go for a piss about? You’re an idiot.

7 minutes into the episode, the titles finish: Boom! Bar fight! Because this is Legends of Tomorrow! Rip later says that their bar fight was entirely predictable… so…like… why let them go out Rip if it was that predictable?

Poor old Snart is heavily bruised from where Rory beat the crap out of him last week, this serves as a nice visual reminded of what went down between the two men to bring their friendship back together. Of course, it makes no sense since Gideon grew Snart’s hand back in a matter of seconds, so presumably could fix a couple of black eyes and a cut lip?

This episode has some fantastic set and costume design and the music is superb, the show has a real expensive, richness to it. It’s probably the best shot episode since Joe Dante’s guest directing.

JONAH HEX! This is what I love about this show, the potential to use, open up and explore the DC characters. To go back and hang out with Hex really does bring a depth to the wider DC universe. Johnathon Schaech, playing Hex, is a bit underwhelming. I’d rather an older, gruffer Hex but he’s a solid actor and grows on me.

This episode has a lot of fun, joyful moments throughout; a very clever use of the Wilhelm scream, Ray calling himself John Wayne, Rip saying he got his coat from Jonah on a previous visit – plus all the obvious yet hugely enjoyable cowboy tropes and clichés get put into play.

Being a western town, there is of course a gang of outlaws who plan to come and trash the place. Ray wants to help people, because he signed up to be a hero and he eventually ends up accidently as the Sherriff (of course he does). Ray and Team Legs get rid of the bad guys in some very beautifully shot set pieces and Rip bitches about messing up the time line, because sometimes he cares and sometimes he doesn’t.

Stein, who turns out to be a card sharp, helps a woman in distress with an ill son called Bertie – as soon a she is introduced I started wondering what famous person the boy would grow up to be, because it really is that kind of show. Stien replicates some – almost – time appropriate medicine for the dying boy. Of course he gets a lecture from Rip, who is so extremely hypocritical its actually hard to take anything he does or says seriously.

Kendra and Sara have a side story which is another part of building Kendra’s past, meeting a mad old lady who turns out to be her (only mad and old having given up on love). As much as I’m kind of enjoying Kendra’s story I can’t give a toss about Carter. What we got of him wasn’t enough to endear him to me and the guy playing him feels so wrong that I just don’t care enough. The scene where Old Kendra tells Young Kendra she will never find love outside of carter, is a really lovely scene. Kendra looks seriously amazing in the cowboy outfits, she’s an absolute clothes horse and every style of outfit so far just hangs brilliantly on her!

Rip doesn’t want to leave the ship because he once got stuck in this, his favourite era in history, losing himself with his mind time-drifting and had to escape the period – he changes his mind of course in time for the obligatory showdown – the contrivance to getting to this scene doesn’t matter, it’s a genuinely cool quick draw scene so thumbs up. Then the bloody Hunters turn up, looking like something from Mad Max or that one episode of Red Dwarf. Then things go full superhero because timeline schmimeline, right? During the finale Rory quips to The Hunters that he was only ever on his own side, so its all good, Rory is part of the gang again! Yay! Before Team Legs kill them all (yeah, the Legs are brutal sometimes!) The Hunters tell them the Time Masters are sending The Pilgrim to track them down – the Time Masters seem to have an endless stream of sinisterly named assassins at their disposal, why not send the best one first?

This was a Snart light episode but he does get to reference Men in Black and be cool. We end on a pretty good cliffhanger with The Pilgrim off to kill them in the past, Terminator style.

Oh the kid? HG Wells. Called it.


Updated: May 15, 2016

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