Legends of Tomorrow 1.07: Marooned

The Legends take their adventures off world for the first time in our latest review!

Space travel. Time Pirates. Flashbacks to the future. The Kobayashi Maru and a computer called Garry. That’s right, it’s the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow!

We open on Rip watching a hologram of his dead wife and son. He’s very emotional about this, I can’t tell if its’ because he misses them or because of his wife’s terrible English accent (his son is American which is pretty impressive since they’re from London?).

Rip quickly explains that the ship, Gideon, is unable to connect with the temporal database to update her amended timeline records on Savage (like when Al would hit that Rubik’s cube-iPhone thingy connected with Ziggy to update what’s changed). Lucky for us, there is another time ship stuck out in space which they can use to update their records. Turns out the ship is also a spaceship! So I guess it can move in time and relative dimensions in space…
Everyone agrees the other ship turning up just when they need it is pretty convenient and probably a trap but they head out anyway, with Stein getting especially excited about going into space.

We spend much of the episode flashing back to show how Rip and his wife first fell in love, against the rules of the Time Masters. We first see them together in a kind of Kobayashi Maru test, where we see that Rip’s wife Miranda was a badass. Also, they had a computer called Garry. Garry the computer.

So we get to the stranded ship and it turns out it was a trap, not set by the Time Masters though, it was set by TIME PIRATES! Because of course there are Time Pirates! Seriously, this is the best episode of this show so far and if you’re not won over by the bombastic nature of Marooned you might as well just go back to watching angry HBO programmes, as this will never be the show for you.

We see Ray doing his Captains log impression on the bridge of the ship which not only leads to a fun Picard v Kirk conversation – including a name drop for Vash, nice knowledge Legends writers – it also leaves me wishing Routh had played Kirk in the reboot, instead of a pair of eyebrows. This episode is full Star Trek and Star Wars references and includes a beautifully timed Wilhelm scream.

The Snart/Sarah friendship grows (Snarah? Sarht? Shart?) a little here and we get lots of Rip’s back-story filled in, thanks to the flashbacks as well as his slightly unhinged state. We really feel as if he’s losing it and Darvill is great.

Everyone is having great fun and this episode really tears along at a great pace, with Ray suiting up to repair the ship out in space at one point and Stein going all Die Hard on a spaceship when he gets separated from the main group. I’ve hit the point of audience/show relationship with these characters that I’m totally on board with Stein going John McClain.

Eventually Rory turns on his team and sides with the Time Pirates, because criminals gonna criminal. It’s nice that Rory has had a fairly subtle, over-riding arc. He was never quite on board with the mission from the start and the more Snart turns to the good side the more Rory drifts from his friend and partner. His betrayal in this episode not only feels well timed but also nicely earned.

There are some great action fight scenes and throughout this episode everyone is at the top of their badass game. I was also suddenly struck by how physically impressive Ciara Renée is, she’s got a great, imposing quality about her and of all the cast she’s the one who has grown on me the most from first appearance (back in The Flash).

There is a lot of sacrificing themselves for each other going on in this episode – awww, looks like the Leg Ends are becoming a team – and eventually they defeat the Time Pirates and re-capture the ships. As a thank you for saving her, Baxter, the captain of the distressed ship, gives Rip an update and tells him where he can find Savage. Useful. In amongst all this action and adventure, Kendra and Ray finally get smoochy and Gideon seems to be getting more sassy!

Towards the end of the episode, we learn that Rip’s wife gave up being a Time Master because she loved Rip, even though she was a better Time Master than him (a bucket of wet socks would be a better Time Master than Rip). The scene is genuinely touching, though undercut by Maria’s terrible accent.

No one knows what to do with Rory, they can’t take him back to 2016 because they all have family he would target. The brig is no good for keeping him in because it’s, erm, only a brig? So its decided Snart should kill him. These guys don’t mess about! The closing Snart scene where he takes Rory out to kill him is genuinely sad and nicely ambiguous (aka, Rory will be back guys…)


Updated: Apr 18, 2016

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