Legends of Tomorrow: 1.05 Fail-Safe

Robert Turnbull gives his thoughts on the Legend’s latest time meddling adventure as they attempt a prison break for their captured team mates.

Prison break! At the end of last weeks episode, Stein, Ray and Rory ended up in a Russian Gulag or prison, out of which they will need to be… broke? So lets plan a prison break…

SISCO! We have Sisco in the opening scene! Stein is, of course, dreaming, part of Savage and Vostok’s attempts to get information out of him for their Firestorm project but who cares, we get to see Sisco and The Flash suit which is pretty cool. If only he’d dreamt of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. That would’ve been really cool.

The team makes plans to go in and save Stein, Ray and Rory from Savage and the Gulag. After beating up the Russian Mob to get details on the prison they have to break into, they elect to leave Jefferson and Kendra behind since Savage needs them to fulfill his schemes. Actually, Rip, that’s not bad thinking. Rip also secretly instructs Sara to take Stein out if needed and he doesn’t mean for dinner and a show. Stein has the knowledge in his head that could give soviet Russia and Savage a super army, so if things go south Sara has to kill Stein – something Snart isn’t too keen on. He’s such a cool guy!.

In the Gulag, Ray wonders around treating it like scout camp while Rory plays the tough guy. Routh is crazy charming throughout and the characters have some fun interplay as Rory is hardened to their situation and Ray tries to stay focused and decent. Watching these scenes just makes me sad that Routh never got a second outing as Superman.

Savage and Vostok have been busy trying different techniques to break Stein, eventually settling on torturing Ray and Rory. These scenes are great but a little undercut by just how un-menacing Savage is. There are random Russian soldiers plodding about who look more like Vandal Savage than Vandal Savage.

Early on in the ep, during Rip’s briefing on how to break into the prison, Snart stops Rip mid sentence and coolly tells him “Don’t worry…” He then pauses, the music stops, he turns sharply to camera, looks straight down the lens as the shot trombone zooms in on his face and continues: “this isn’t my first PRISON BREAK” he then turns away and runs off into the mist, Adam West-Batman style.
Okay, maybe the line wasn’t shot exactly like that but that was the over all effect. The joy of Legends of Tomorrow is that in some shows that would be an eye roll or a knowing chuckle kind of line. In this show it’s a jumping off the sofa shouting “OH SNAP!” Line.

Stein gives a nice little speech to Vostock about being on the wrong side of history before she forcibly merges with him, attempting to become a new Firestorm. After Jefferson’s failed attempt to communicate with Stein using the old carving a message on your own forearm so it turns up on the arm of your quantum linked buddy trick, its decided that he and Kendra should go and help with the prison break after all. This is partly because they need someone who can run across the prison yard really quickly and Jefferson used to play collage football. Seriously, they have a flying woman and a time traveling spaceship but what they really need is a guy who used to be good at PE? This is one of those slightly forced plot contrivances that this show keeps throwing out and Jefferson still feels a bit empty.

Kendra gets a little showdown with Savage. Which is terribly dull. He asks her to go with him and she just says no and sods off while Rip does some badassing… again, no sense here? Savage tells Rip he’s gonna kill his family and Rip, who has a gun on him, walks out and sets of a bomb. Sure, its cool and Savage gets blown to bits but we know he’s going to regenerate, so why, why, why did Rip not shoot him in the head, take him to the ship, keep him there until Kendra could kill him? Rip, get it together man!

Inevitably Jefferson saves Stein by merging with him and poor old Vostok blows up, conveniently destroying all the work that she’d done.

Back on the ship, everyone’s listening to records on the gramophone, presumably because the Legends are a bunch of hipsters.
Just when everything seems okay (was Rip hitting on Sarah?) Chronos turns up again and knocks them out of the time stream! They crash-land through time and space in Star City, looking like something out of a John Carpenter movie and bump into Green Arrow… except… its not Oliver Queen!


Updated: Apr 04, 2016

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