Legends Of Tomorrow: 1.03 Blood Ties

Robert Turnbull continues his review of Legend Of Tomorrow – this week the crew are…still stuck in 1975. So was it any good?

Blood Ties is a fun but frustrating episode… I get the feeling that might become a regular occurrence for this show. Still in 1975, Rip and Sara, hatch the genius plan of bankrupting Savage by stealing all his money and crippling his operations. Yeah, sure, why not.

The story splits into three narratives, one silly, one dramatic and the other providing the emotional backbone. Whilst Rip and Sara head off to undertake Ocean’s 2, Snart and Rory “borrow” the time ship and head off to steal a priceless gem. Meanwhile Ray has to shrink down and enter Kendra’s bloodstream to save her life after her injury in last weeks episode and we switch between the storylines effectively enough. Rip and Sara get to look cool and sexy when they infiltrate Savage’s private bank – which turns out to be staffed by Savage’s ninja guards. They have a big old fight before kidnapping a ninja guard and finding out Savage holds a grudge against Rip for trying to kill him in ancient Egypt.

One thing Legends of Tomorrow does really well is its fight choreography and Sara/Canary – or her stunt performer – is especially good. Arthur Darvill is really enjoying himself as well; after playing the lovably goofy Rory in Doctor Who for so many years, it’s interesting to see him getting to be a bit more traditionally cool. Caity Lotz, who I found interminably dull in the context of Arrow, is far more likable here and her character seems to fit this world better.

Kendra being close to death, irritatingly, somehow becomes all about Ray and Professor Stein’s egos. But hey, by the end of the episode.she’s okay and the men learn to believe in themselves and if a woman almost dying can’t help dudes feel good about themselves, what can?

The best part of this episode is Snart and Rory’s side adventure. For the most part it seems like two career criminals, unable to pass up an opportunity to fall off the goodguy wagon but the theft of the gem has a more meaningful purpose for Snart. He’s using it as a scheme to try and prevent his father, who attempted but failed to steal the gem himself, going to prison and in turn becoming violent and abusive toward Snart and his sister. This was a well played out and strong moment in the Snart wanting to be a better man arc. Wentworth Miller is especially good in the scene where he warns his father to be good and it’s the episode highlight for me.

Episode low point you ask? In the finale, Rip confronts Savage and, after telling him his wife and son’s name, time period, home address, social security number and twitter handles, kills him knowing he will come back to life but saying, in a cool badass kind of way, it will feel good… And then he leaves him. We cut to Rip back on the ship moaning that Savage can’t be killed permanently.

And now I’m confused? And maybe annoyed? I thought I was paying attention so if I’ve missed something, someone please tell me but why did he leave him? Savage may not have been dead forever but he was incapacitated. Dead for a bit? At the very least he was immobilised briefly. Why didn’t Rip press his advantage? Take Savage while he’s “dead” back to the ship then kill him properly or whizz a billion years to the future and drop him in the sun?

You had him Rip, in 1975, you could have removed him from time before he killed your family and ruled the world! I expect a show like this to let Savage get away each week, that’s the point, chasing him through time but give us some reason as to why he gets away! This felt like writing the story into a corner and walking away. You’re a cheesy show Legends of Tomorrow, if we’re coming back for more we’re probably happy with any old nonsense you throw at us.

So far Rip, mate, you’re really not very good at this…


Updated: Mar 19, 2016

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