Krypton: 2.01 Light-Years from Home

Krypton returns for a second season, with Superman’s forebares picking up the action right where the last season left off!

Krypton is back! This brings many questions, such as ‘Why?’ and ‘Who wanted more?’ and ‘Am I the best person to review this show?’

I am a Superman-super-fan and as such I consume all the Super-media I can get my hands on. It feels like there has been a lot of Superman media around I the past few years, unfortunately most of it hasn’t been that great. Krypton was a messy, unoriginal, cheap looking and joyless show. Despite some likable performances it was an ugly, wet fish of a series that always took the most uninteresting and obvious route. Yet here I am…

We’re brought up to speed with some clunky recapping from Adam Strange. We see that Zod is now ruling Krypton and plans now to terra-form the whole universe but this all just feels like we’ve re-set to a similar status quo as the previous series; oppressive leaders, obedient Kryptonian populous and a plucky rebellion. It’s literally no different.

In case people have forgotten, we’re reminded that Zod is in fact Seg and Lyta’s son (making Zod Superman’s half-Uncle in one of the most tedious and unnecessary twists of the show) Lyta is now working with her son Zod, interrogating people for info on the rebels or something. Georgina Campbell is still a very poor actor and her line delivery is so bland and stilted I rather hope the vision Seg had of her dying, comes sooner rather than later so we don’t have to listen to her dodgy dialogue.

Adam is back and keeps hitting on Jax-Ur, which is a bit weird. His gag about consent when she restrains him is oddly creepy, especially since he keeps coming on to her. The attempt to make him a funny, lovable rogue, earth-man type character never quite works and feels even more forced in this second season. Hannah Waddingham as Jax is great. She’s an actor I’ve been aware of for years, since seeing Spam-a-Lot and she’s great in these Brigitte Nielsen style, action-tough-guy roles.

At the start of the episode, our hero Seg is stuck in the phantom zone. He eventually gets tricked by Braniac into the releasing them both and they end up on Braniac’s home world. Here, Braniac explains how he was created and his subsequent extinction if his race. These scenes were quite fun, Blake Ritson’s performance is very good but the look of Brainy is a bit shonky. Cameron Cuffe as Seg is still likable but a bit Hollyoaks.

Nyssa has a baby now with Seg, the one she made in the computer. I do quite ike Wallis Day ‘s performance. In fact, generally, I think the performances re very likable, especially considering how poor the material the actors have to work with is. It was quite interesting to see her father, deposed ex-leader Daron-Vex turn up scrounging around in the sewers and I actually didn’t recognize him at first. Unfortunately, I don’t really care that much about Nyssa’s clone backstory and her search for answers. They kind of wasted the Daron reveal in this episode when they could have held back and used his appearance for a bit more impact later in the run.

Things all go a bit wrong and Daron is killed by Lyta after Gita from Eastenders double crossed her and the rest of Team El. Then Gita from Eastenders leads Zod’s guards to where Team El are hiding out (everyone always hated Git from Eastenders, so its no surprise to see her double cross everyone). During the raid Adam zipps off using his intergalactic Zata-Beam thingy to try and reach Seg in the phantom zone, despite Granddad-El telling him it’s a bad idea.

I can’t get a grip on what Lyta is up to; she seems insanely loyal to her son, who has turned up and just started murdering people, yet last season she turned against her own mother for supporting a system that murdered people but her mother rebelled against that system? Lyta might just be an idiot. Its hard to tell since Georgina Campbell barely emotes.

Afer whizzing away, Adam finds Seg, stood over Braniac, having clearly smashed his head in. I don’t know if we’re meant to not work this out instantly of if its meant to be obvious, but Braniac has clearly entered Seg’s mind. The show, again, delivereing the most obvious and uninteresting narrative beats.

I really don’t think this is a good show, there any people who I think must love it. After the first season I would have dropped watching it (and I stuck with Smallville and still watch Supergirl) because it was so poor across the board as TV. If I didn’t know there was a limited number of episode left, ever, I wouldn’t have bothered with this second season and so far, episode one hasn’t made me that would have been a mistake.

There some things I like but that’s mostly just the cast. I did notice about half way though the episode that Nyssa has developed a really cool proto-spit curl and frankly I find her more convincing as a El ancestor than Seg, who has a basic Supermany look but is a bit more of a generic pretty boy. Adam is a character that needs re-tooling and some depth adding, there is nothing wrong with Shaun Sipos but he lacks the natural charisma needed for the character and too often comes across as just a bit sleazy and whiney. A lot of his comedy falls flat but at least they’re trying to introduce some comedy.

At the end of the episode, Lobo pops up – which is fun, even if he has an outrageous accent!

The pro of this episode is that is kicks off pretty much where the last season finished (well, with a six month time jump) the con is that it continues on from the last season. I’m sticking with it but Krypton has a lot of work to do to turn me from an observer into a fan.


Updated: Sep 27, 2019

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