Jessica Jones: 2.08 AKA Ain’t We Got Fun

Becky Kulka continues her daily reviews of Jessica Jones season 2.

Waking up shackled and in your mass murdering mother’s bed is probably not an ideal start to anyone’s day. Jessica takes it like a trooper though. After being woken up by Dr Karl, he begins to explain that he thinks she can help her mother regain control of her emotions and, well, stop killing people. Without much success, Dr Karl scarpers when he realises that he will certainly come off worst if he sticks around. He’s either going to jail, Jessica will beat him to a pulp or Alisa will accidentally kill him in one her rage fits. Oh and Jessica’s alerted the police to their location, so if nothing else Dr Karl might be going to prison for quite a long time.

Alisa and Jessica are given mere minutes to go over the last 17 years before the police arrive. Alisa spends most of that time shooting down (sorry, “correcting”) Jessica’s happy memories of her childhood. Alisa explains that the family were never happy, that her mother and father were on the edge of divorce and that Jessica was a paranoid child even before the accident. As Alisa begins to tell of happier times (realising her previous tactic wasn’t working), Jessica is only half listening. Really, we can tell she’s working out whether or not to turn her mother in to the cops. Ritter should be given full praise for her acting in this scene – her facial expressions alone convey the pain, confusion but also bitter happiness of finding that her mother is alive.

Dr Karl, as Jessica rightly points out to her mother, is not a saviour. He’s a scientist with a God complex who experiments with people who have no way of giving consent for him to do so. He has controlled every aspect of Alisa’s life since the accident knowing that she may never be able to enter the real world again due to the side effects of his operations on her. He even goes as far to admit that he quite likes that he scares her. He’s a creep with a high IQ, basically. Sadly, Alisa seems to think that she has ruined his life, not the other way round, which feels a bit Stockholm Syndrome-y.

All of this gives way to some quite amusing sequences when Jessica ends up bringing Alisa to her apartment. Alisa behaves like a quintessential mother, teasing Jess with the painting that Oscar gave her and expressing her pride at her daughter’s minimal apartment. She even rages at a taxi driver for texting on his phone, shouting “he could get us killed” without even a hint irony. Ah Mothers. Can’t live with them, can’t…  never mind. It is sweet to see this family dynamic emerging between the two of them, however, and it’s thoroughly convincing.

Moving on to the subplots of this episode – I am so very angry with Trish. I know that this behaviour is in part a result of the drugs she is taking, but on some level she has to take responsibility for herself and her actions. She’s crossed a huge line by pressuring Malcolm into using the inhaler and I’m not sure that she will be able to recover from this once she comes to her senses. Trish is obviously in deep denial about the super strength drug (“it’s not addictive”) but the only person who can help her out of this is Jessica and she is a little more than preoccupied.

Jeri’s also crossed a line in her treatment of Inez. After being told about the healer boy, locates him. It turns out he is in prison, and Jeri convinces him that she can get him out of prison, for a small price. He has to heal her. Jeri hasn’t exactly been hospitable to Inez – she’s kind one minute, then tells her to GTFO the next minute – but after her encounter with the healer, Jeri settles on having sex with the homeless ex-nurse. My bets are on Jeri turfing her out the next morning. Poor Inez.

AKA Ain’t We Got Fun ends with an unknown shooter targeting Jessica’s apartment, wounding her. Obviously Alisa gets mad but the real question is – who is shooting them? Could it be the police (unlikely, though we know how trigger happy some cops are), the military (maybe they want to get Alisa and utilise her powers like they did with Simpson) or could it be that Dr Karl has double crossed the woman he claims to love? He did scarper off pretty quickly earlier…


Updated: Mar 20, 2018

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